Want to Wear: Ann Demeulemeester— Scamosciato #PrimeNYT

tBless up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again,



Here we are again with another boot, I dig it, really and truly dig these boots, none other by Ann Demeulemeester, her fabrication and materialism is up there and so is her construction so although there’s just one image I have of these I can see already these are just so well designed and for me.

The 13 eyelet for toecap to tongue is an aesthetic I’ve never really bought into till now, there’s something about the finish that’s really catching me.


The industrial look all maximal and useful not the most functional but accessible and contained, along with the straps to really tie it all together if laces aren’t your thing that day

All in the grey I love so much there’s something about this grey that’s giving off real concrete vibes it has an extra layer of texture to it you don’t necessarily see but are quality.

Definitely one for the archives on purchase

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An Intro Matthew Alyx William – The man behind the LA company creating my favourite accessories. (Chest Rig and Buckle)

We Go Again.

Matthew Williams named his company after his son Alyx, which doesn’t make you swoon if you are a lover of tech this will.

He made the OG Chest Rig Bag. To me, he is the one and only progenitor of great design and has a solid industrial mind. The chest Rig isn’t only my favourite item to wear it is the favourite thing I’ve owned in the past so long, I never knew I needed it till I had it.

The size of an iPad (about 12″) the chest Rig fits my sketchbook iPad and charger so it’s volumetric also. It’s a cornerstone of my outfits and industrial wear, although it’s still new the industrial part of fashion is coming in slowly putting utility and design at the forefront.

You see Alyx trying so many new and amazing things on the wear along with their vibram collaboration Alyx have also teamed with Nike and Dior; I would love to see them collaborate with gore-tex and Male something out of the norm.

The most significant item being the buckle, going for upwards of £200 it really making its mark on the fashion lovers the leader of the industrial market; My home. Alyx is among the likes of A Cold Wall and Acronym — The triple A’s make the futurist industrial design and utilitarian look go far.

Matthew is doing good works for reinventing the buckle in such an industrious way and I just wanted to not someone whom I deem as doing real artist work really fusing the two.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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AirMax 270 ISPA review – The right direction for the 270’s future

We Go Again,

The air max 270 ISPA have been the best thing to happen to the 270 since it’s inception. Turning this sneaker around into a desirable unit. I first spoke about the 270 Utility and how it was my favourite 270 that was released, it seems someone on the team definitely read my blog because the ISPA are a step in the right direction to making the 270 not just desirable by some but coveted by the techwear aficionados and maybe even sneaker collectors. MAYBE

This being the second ISPA now that techwear enthusiasts coveting first being the Nike Reacts.

I didn’t write about those simply because I can’t write about every show and if I did that would be 8 hours a day I don’t want to give, but I liked it.

It’s great to see ISPA doing especially well with tempering Nike trainers to techwear lovers (maybe they can do something about the FoG) and I’m here for it. 2 for 2

The Venoms especially seem something out of a sci-fi film, I love the well finished look that’s coming back en-vogue. Looks like the shell is coated with some epoxy lacquer (which is where I assume the sheen is from) maybe which I’m here for, I’m also here for the colour contrasting of the Prestos that I hope they will bring to this ISPA but it seems it will only come out in 2 colour-ways. Which is okay I’m just saying

Overall I like the design. I would cop and it’s moving the 270 in the right direction always from sport and more into the utility category. Well done Nike. Well done.

The whole industrial design motif is where I live and love design being able to make multi terrain units that look like they’d last in the city or on a good hike (obviously these won’t) addressing the chunkier stylings even just superficially is the direction I see much of menswear heading and not just in the comfort of things but the aesthetic of masculinity

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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