A Dialogue On: The culture of the 20’s 2

Bless Up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again,


I’ve established many times what I have thought about the 20’s for so long I haven’t been looking to many people individually to make up the greatness of the 20’s but with Black Renaissance: Future History there are some names in there who’s paths I see myself crossing.

I see the opportunity for greatness right there for me, I have been told for the majority of my life there’s greatness there. It never took, I always searched within myself to see if a human good enough existed to create wellness for all, as that’s all I have ever wanted.

So many people have the opportunity to be great during this moment, the time we have in front of us is paramount, many of the people in their 20’s in the twenties have the chance to make a real name for themselves and create their own opportunity and life and own their careers if they truly are about it.

This is the thing we all have to take this time period serious. And accept what we see infront of us with open arms because the chance to be great is right there. So is the work though, so many people are scared of the work. Not even just the big picture vision, like me so many people are annoyed and feel put off by the little things you have to drop for the greatness.

Normality is a ditch, a warm and cozy one. You have walls the warmth of the hive mind and the unattainable sky to look to but never grasp because it’s so out of reach. And in greatness we have to dig deep and dig far, look crazy in the process because the ditch of normalcy is so cozy what’s the point in going further down. But us who know there has got to be something down there when you dig further down only so you can go up the long way. In doing that you look completely crazy to the Normal crowd but you’ve got to know deep in you having the normal things isn’t all there is to life.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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OYOS: Talent, Execution, Elite Mentality and Performance – all parts of the equation

We go again

Live update. I’m doing stuff that I have never done and it’s stressing me out.

I think this is the real testament to my elite personality/mentality comes in play, I won’t lie I’ve relied most my life on pure talent and excellence of understand my craft.

This, what I have been doing for years does not work here. I have to push, I have to press towards, I have to craft new ways and study things I’ve never studied before to overcome these hurdles.

When they said talent wasn’t everything they were actually right, I had no clue. I’ve never needed more than talent to create quality work or come up with quality ideas.

You see execution is a skill, people will tell you it’s hard work I don’t see hard work as much of a function. There are people with elite mentalities that start out purely with execution and then get the great ideas, I’m obviously on the other end of the spectrum but I’m coming u on a force I have never faced before. The need to execute beyond my station the need to execute and create quality work.

I know it sounds daft but I have only needed one or the other. But both? You’re telling me I have to execute and make it a high level? Okay now we’re stepping on uncharted territory.

See some people will think I’m mad for thinking this but I’m making this post just for those that know what I’m talking about and to myself for remembering the emotions in the moment for future purposes and to channel that & to release it so I can just get on with what I need to get on with Cos I sure am going to do it it’s just now I’ve caught on. If it helped you reading, great. We’re on this journey together.

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How YZY is losing market share as a Luxury footwear brand. — Kanye Wests folly

We go again,

I have wrote so much about yeezy put it down, sang it’s praises, seeing it as a game changer and now I’m in limbo. I don’t exactly know what to think however I believe I can articulate my feelings moving forward and we will see what happens.

When the first 350’s came out they were highly coveted, I had no idea why and saw them as an over priced roshe run. — This was before me understand fabrication and material technology. — we move on to the 750 I was enamoured and wanted nothing more than to own a pair of the Yeezy uggs to this day.

when my love for yeezy blossomed and I started watching them hit the market again and again with concept after concept killing the game with the V2 Zebra and Beluga so highly coveted then the 700 wave and the 500 alien. I started looking at them differently because of the innovation with materials mixed with the comfort technology in the boost I was really riding with YZY company & I still am. You can tell by my pervious blogs even the Top Sneaker Releases of 2018 I saw it right up their with the React X Undercover personally.

This isn’t an indictment but when the CEO says Steve Jobs I think innovation and one step ahead of the game and as YZY is the only company to consciously compete with Nike with totally new concepts I had to give it to YZY company every-time right now I don’t see that happening in fact I don’t see the hype for YEEZYs I’m used to seeing no one are talking about the dessert boots and it seems Nike has cornered off YZY in the customising space once again.

I still have hope see because flyknit did follow the 350’s and Chimera alchemy did follow the 700. Nothing could follow the Alien 700 as that is patented technology or maybe the OFF-wht ODSY have out done yeezy for this year.

Even so I’m hopeful this year YEEZY will into something more than just a mass of colourways which is really just basic money grab economics. See it’s up to YZY to regain its prominence in innovation and become undeniable because the CEO lost the trust of his foundational market by endorsing things the people couldn’t trust in and all that social equity got depleted. There’s something to be said there as to why CEO’s are so quiet and the political artist but that’s different blogs for different days.

The love for the company in the black community seems to be lost but because of the bridge Kanye west built to Korea China and Japan sales are holding up somewhat but as I said the market shed seems to be gained by Off-Wht and Louis Vuitton and Versace.

The mantle for best is really up for grabs this 2019 and I see it as YZY company has to design some Steve Jobs level sneakers for that equity to build back up again.

Whatever Moves Your Dial


Editors Note

I wrote this a in January I suppose. And my cover was from the 14th of December and never made its way to me till today.

I saw it, more so the man beside Kanye and wondered a little bit, although Yeezy is still making some of the Best trainers with the best technology everything has been outshined.

With all the antics out the window, the move I’m seeing are the coldest and no one wants to talk about it. I’m fully okay with that but that adds to my point, the social cache is so low only the real know.

Damilare Yusuff