Urahara Sanin – Kapital Code of Kiro Hirata, Make do and keep moving

We go again,

I remember giving into the hype and not knowing exactly anything about Kapital but the jeans/trousers as featured would see in my How I like My Denim in 2019. Ksubi, Undercover, Kapital, Evisu that was what I understood about Japanese style superb; when I ended up developing my repertoire of Understanding I saw that these fashion labels the denim was – namely Kapital and Undercover were more than Japanese denim houses; they had a code of creation.

Of the Three Sanin Kiro is the most unsung of the trio and it made more sense what I understood about him he made it that way almost.

A short bio on Kiro

The traveller in the wind that explores creates and moves on Kiro along with his team create clothing for those that live by this credo, the gypsy style of design.

When you Understand Kiro you understand Kapital, there not much out there on Kapital in English so allow me to fill in some of the gaps. Before streetwear became the most continental there is a style that still thrives in the fabric of Japan that of the American Native, those that will use patters and patchwork, layered style in the summer and winter the codes of the style call for volume layers rustic views a salt of the earth character that lives by that ideal.

This ideal curated by Kiro became Kapital as you know it today, the iconic Ring Coat, 45rpm Collection, Boro Jeans all come with these codes. Kapital keeps that feeling of The American Native style alive for the past 20+ years it’s alive and thriving. Putting Kiro as part of the Sanin the traveller team of Kiro Nicole and Eric put together that story through imagery and clothes.

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A Note on Sickle Cell: Living Through a Crisis — A Fragment of Reality

We help grow understanding,

This blog is terribly hard to write and I have been fighting my conviction to it, thinking to myself maybe pick something, relatively lighter or more informative that people will understand.

The reason why is because I am about to speak about something that’s felt, it is the very real insufferable and intolerable pain of CRISIS as it’s been dubbed by doctors.

I took my time and spoke to my counsel of advocates as I was unsure of what benefit this would bring, they unanimously assured me this needed to be wrote about.

Without further preamble let me explain…

What happens to the body

Crisis is when your body is in shut down mode. What happens physiologically is red blood cells mutate, this mutation stops them from being able to carry oxygen and become sticky. They stick to blood vessels and others cells that have mutated, restricting blood flow through the body and that blood blockage is the cause of the pain.

These cells can live up to 8 days, the pain can last much longe this pain that we suffer though is almost invisible but it exists and this puts it in the category of invisible disease as we can be in pain without it showing on medical instruments

Suffering Through the Crisis

There are many different level of pain, crisis is the highest. There’s nothing many of us fear more than the pain our own body can produce, some of us so much so we take high level precautions before leaving our houses.

This pain can have you spinning and turning, writhing uncontrollably in your bed and want to be perfectly still at the same time because movement causes pain but stillness also causes pain.

The pain will have you breathing out of rhythm trying to catch any sort of breath due to the shock of the pain some of us are due to faint.

The only thing that separates you from ease of mind is the highest doses of opium; these are almost lethal doses to some, for us it is but a means to an end.

When it feels like the medication has finally kicked in to what’s known as a codeine coma but you won’t sleep, not till your second or third scheduled dose; you feel that moment of relaxation and separation from the distress your body is going through sometime after that third dose you sleep

Suddenly you are jolted up immediately you don’t know how much time has past, it doesn’t matter, the opioid has wore off and its back to step one… it’s time for your next dose; there’s a problem though, you are in the most comfortable position you have been in since the pain started.

Your numb body distracted you from the fact your arm is now paining, you feel the buzzing and fear of you stretch it that buzz will turn to a sharp stab, can you even pick up the water bottle now? Doubt it. It’s 1am no one to check up on you for hours, the fight through the night begins.

If you are in the hospital you will have to press the buzzer multiple times, home? How can you shout? You don’t have the strength, your phone, it’s somewhere here but you have to conserve movement to the minimum. Fuck IT! I’m sliding this bottle to my face and if it spills, it spill, ‘I’m a pro’ you tell yourself. Fuck it let’s go, use all your grip strength in your one better arm to open it, spill drink down your gullet and swallow the pills. — This is all in the first minute of you waking up.

I could go on. It’s a fucking struggle, as I write this I understand it’s pretty much only a home experience not a hospital one, I will share a hospital experience but at a later date.

This blog really took a lot out of me and this example of trauma is not unique I assure you; this happens weekly to someone and they deal with this. Which is why we call ourselves warriors because that fight is not an easy one, Death is waiting right there for us to give up on life but we choose to fight every time.

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SOTR Creps (Sneaker Sunday) – Ambush Air Max 180 – Sport Renegade Minimalism

Spring of The Rookie,

The Ambush and Nike collab really gives me a better understanding that Ambush is more of a tech pack company

You show me the jewellery the materials used and the shapes it took a hold of. I can get with material manipulation and fabrication if not much else and their neon essence mixed with a rich grunge facade is telling of how they want to come across

The sneakers are sleek and shiny like their Nike collection in their AW18 a lot of vinyl/Leather was used but they took a different Tron route, a more “digestible Japan” playful and shiny with breathable fabrics and comfortable looks

AirMax 180

Nike 180 maybe because of how much air it holds just like the Fear of Gods and understandably more stripped down, it’s not leather it’s a polymer and no roll cage either it’s really just fitted with a single thin pattern body with the same thickness in the material.


This being much more different than the Ultramarine or the CDG, Nike are allowing their collabs to take a different turn as long as the air pocket is left untouched.

These look like they are maybe made as a response to the FoG, to be purely as a high top for lifestyle and not for basketball with cool grip and mute colours but I can still see the branding as there is noticeably a polymer possibly 3M however the look in black tells me it’s just a casual

So we get a sneaker that is lightweight easy to put on and simple much like a speed sock, zip down or slip on with some elemental differences from the casual cotton speedsock

The more tech feel makes me think they are waterproof due to the texture look, don’t take my word for it.

Nike usually leave the waterproofing up to Gore-Tex with these material shapes. And the FoG is not so maybe that’s an L.


affirming bulkier proportions than the OG silhouette and details show its more firm and less forgiving with the material and taller vulcanised rubber holding it all together.


Just by the image I would say the lift is 1.5″ or 5mm more than the OG. The military strapped boot does more than look it, it tells you itself with ‘keep double laces to hold firmly’ written on the front of the upper and Ambush in Capped Helvetica on the back.

This collab tells me Nike trusts Yoon a whole bunch with product and delivering. Because that’s what she does and as a partner she brings it all back to Ambush. Not just a musical group not just a fashion group but a family and lifestyle brand of husband and wife side by side

Id like to get to know the couple more and get into the minutia of it all and Yoon on her rise in jewellery & whatever her ethos is

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