A Thought On: My Colour This Season and Principle colour of 2019 – ORANGE

We go again,

I do so much research on colour and colour theory and check on how the zeitgeist responds to certain colours and with that I see certain colours flourish over others.

This past season it was Yellow; before that green; before that red & I was jumbling my brain for quite some time and I couldn’t really think of one to have as a base for outfits I even went to patterns and prints like houndstooth and tartan.

I explored Pink – then I asked myself which pink, what tone what saturation; what vibe? It was a stressful endeavour


I explored Blue – I asked myself the exact same questions as pink. I had myself thinking it was frigid and separate and no one would enjoy it because it’s denim


I am a strong black person, black is has been and always will be my favourite colour with blue as a close second. I’ve not been fond of most other colours and when I found out you could pick the wrong blue & wrong red & wrong black I stayed away from doing too much.


I asked myself this summer to add more colour to my wardrobe, if it’s only a couple pieces, you see I tried and tried. First grey and black with some print on it and then I got the Kanye West Wyoming hoodie

which I love a confusing amount, I literally want to wear it everyday, now it turns to autumn time the leaves discolour as the fall off the trees and create an array of vibrancy very out there.

Very not me but I enjoyed it, the Orange made me happy, it has been naturally attractive to me and the more I see pictures with orange I’m more and more convinced that it is the Prize of not only this A/W season but of 2019. I’m prone to catching things like this early and when I tell you this is it, it’s really what I see in my world.

it compliments my dark skin so well and has me feeling like I’m glowing, it radiates a statement of warmth and friendliness I have no idea what colour orange this is but it’s my favourite orange.

(Whoever can contact Kanye and find out the photoshop number please tell me)

This orange is so appealing I could wear it all year. And I really think I will. Sorry not sorry

Best orange swatch

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Whatever Moves Your Dial,

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A Dialogue On: The Yeezy democracy – Kanye West plan to diminish the exclusivity of his company

We go again,

Something amazing happened recently that not many bar the Yeezy community is talking about. Mainly because it’s probably the most positive thing an American hip-hop artist has done for Africa Bar Akon, giving to the people of the land effectively and wanting to REALLY help. The reason it’s not being talked about is because of Americas agenda to continually down Kanye and push the narrative he’s not fit to lead a community. Well that’s none of my business, my business is with what this means for Yeezy.

Kanye gave free Yeezy 350s to the children of Uganda it was an amazing feat, the recently released – Cream White Yeezy – was long coveted and waited on by the community. And they were given away for free! A mission of YZY is to clothe the homeless and help in disaster areas an all round charity company, when Kanye said it he meant it. I have no idea what the goal is in Uganda – although I will be watching closely – to me this was nothing but positive ; the community is having a field day with this on socials as the tension rises with these first class Americans sharing the sneakers with Africans. There discrimination is showing, what they thought was there’s to sell of and make a ‘profit’ or feed into some asinine notion of exclusivity got chomped away instantly.

Long ago with Zane Lowe a disgruntled Kanye spoke about the fashion industry and all his gripes, this led people to call him crazy and create the narrative that he is mentally unstable. This legendary rant did not fall on deaf ears though not at all, I heard him loud and clear he’s never wanted Yeezy to be exclusive in the slightest but with when you have a lack of control in how you’re goods can be consumed you must work for others to a point till you can feed something that’s true to yourself, with that – as soon as Kanye got his Billion dollar valuation he revealed his ever present plan and is giving back in an amazing way to the people of Uganda. I personally want to see how this grows into something more and hope it doesn’t end there, what I can see though is Yeezy becoming a staple item and not an exclusive one Kanye wants to get rid of it in hopes to destroy classism too. Having “fans” take a major hit, that’s nobody’s business because it was not his intention from the start.

I think this is amazing someone just doing what they set out to do. It’s motivational, it’s creative and it’s the artist way. Well done for now Ye, you win this round.

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