An intro to Erollson Hughes Acronym

We go again,

The guy behind Nike ACG menswear and what the streets would call the AF1 Abomination and the great redeemer Acronym Presto and what I will call the father of origami jackets. Errolson Hughs

Who is Acronym?


Acronym started out as a contract design firm who made their seed money designing gear for extreme sports and branched our to a personal design company in 1999 to make their own gear developed in house. 2002 Acronym was set on to the scene making products for years before cross pollination.

With their outerwear aesthetic Michaela and Errolson have been slowly building a credible brand who has an amazing aesthetic with prices not for the light pocketed. Kickass code names and well made app areal for those who are really out here appreciating the samurai Techwear look

Industrial Techwear

The ideal behind these pieces are just so incredible. I’m a lover of industrial design and will continue to analyse and adore the creation fabric and contortion of materials. Learning all about plastics and how they can be moulded into becoming weather proof is something I hold in high regard; each thing being made out of plastic but the polymer constitution changes its properties.

Nike ACG


What I know Errolson for the most for is the Nike ACG collaboration before I knew any details I saw him in the most well constructed garments I’ve seen made for a man. The ACG collaborations with Nike have been the most creative thing industrially I think Johanna has something to do with why this — spawning the morphing of the AirMax 180 and 270 for people to create their own versions (more of my thoughts on this later). — The well constructed garments are a wonder to look at the sliding pockets shell form zips Male the silhouettes minimal but are made with the most complex techniques. Whoever has been steering this Techwear ship at Nike in the past 3/4 years well done.

Air Force 1 and Presto

The sneakers have been a contentious for the AF1 the Acronym team kind of destroyed the detailing and added a zipper but it slowly became a grailed Force one. The Presto though, straight away it was loved and adored from my purview and grew as a cornerstone of Techwear functional technical and full of utility.

Editors Note

Errolson Hugh’s has had a great team around him all the way through forged their own path and created a 20 year old company with such a high value now I adore the ability to make something of that level.

The Renaissance of Techwear is here and soon will be the most prominent form of menswear design due to its technical construction

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A Note On: Articulating Yourself is a Worthy Goal

We Go Again,

When I was 15 we had a family meeting. About me.

It was about my incapability to articulate myself, I said to them, (my family) that if I were to learn to start speaking my mind to them they would not like me very much.

Ten years later that reigned true, i reached a singularity within myself and was able to say what I feel whenever I felt it (at the most poignant time).

That was the single most important moment in my life (as it came to invoking the word) because learning to articulate myself as a human being meant I was not only facing inwards and asking myself tough questions about my reality and person but I’m able to do so when it calls for it from my family to my mentee and everyone else who needs it.

I’ve noticed whatever advice that was which I took on when it came to saying how I feel there are people older and younger who are unable to do so for whatever reason.

I guess I’m writing this to give whoever needs it permission because it is the best advice I took on. It took me 10 years and 100+ books, I feel something that it would not take anyone else that much time; just go for it. I don’t see a worthier goal to go for than learning about yourself and being able to articulate it to others.

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OYOS – University of Self

We go again

I took a break from life I took a break from money I took a break from women the game and all of what makes society society.

I was a me that was okay but it wasn’t who I knew I could be, who I wanted to be, the type of man that makes me love myself and my actions.

The type of person that lives OYOS 24/7, that’s a hard draw because OYOS came in waves and forms of necessity not my natural state of creativity.

Being a person that lives by principle is hard it doesn’t make sense to everyone the process is taxing and people talk to you weird funny and try to drag you down when you do it.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not for just anyone to see you go through it I had the luxury of it only be family see me go through it. It took my everything to stay the course but I’m happy I did it.

I went to the university of self, where you learn Principles, Discipline, Action, Strategy, Specialised Knowledge, Money, Method & Character. Learning to be your true self takes time courage and a willingness to accept who you really are no exceptions.

Being who I am just today knowing I’m exactly where I should be and I have a real foundation underneath me feels good. I want to recommend everyone do it, I just know how life is and learning is moved by other things by the word but the physical manifestation of it and the texture of your physical space.

I wrote this as a note to myself writing aloud, maybe to that one or two that’s on the edge of performing the same thing. I just want to tell myself and everyone else it’s worth it. I hope I can become a worthy example to someone out there.

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Spring Of the Rookie Epilogue 1– Start something you see yourself doing long term

Spring Of The Rookie,

As you’ll notice all the “rookies” I have spoke about are not exactly rookies they have all been in this game close to ten years and their recognition is just coming.

When you look into each one of their stories from beginning to now you can tell they’re only getting started on the plan that they really have. They are only really executing on what their real vision is now after getting essential pieces into play.

That’s why I dubbed it springtime of the rookie. It’s the season to plant and cultivate the projects that you really want to take shape

I am not really good with planning or really that intelligent. We can only see with the information we have right now and having one big go you fervently want to see come to life is the driving Force to the action taking place today so you can fulfil it.

I want people to look into the people that they think are successes and really study them, if you can’t see the patterns then that fine and dandy keep trying. If you can then there’s a way you can conceptualise the information for your betterment.

If you feel or understand me, you can see why I take time to write blogs about other designers like myself. I’m not a journalist or reporter I like to take down what I find important and keep that information stored. I love people can gravitate towards it this to me is fun but to you it can be much more. I appreciate that tremendously

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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A Note On Sickle Cell: What Helped me Help Myself — A dose of optimism

We go for great,

I used to live my life reactionary to what people thought of my medical condition. I was used to it, so I disengaged early, I wanted to be a normal kid. I did grow curious, some part of me grew to seriously ask myself questions — wanting to understand if what people thought of me through the lens of my condition was the me I actually am — the look of like I’m suddenly part of a lower subset of human; the look of as if I live like a man on death row; the look of a decrepit helpless man. This is the look I find in their eyes.

All those looks were not controlled by me, it would have some very negative effects this fuelled me wanting to find the truth so I did my first ever “Google’s”. My first mistake, (never try find true documentation with the highest google answer). This would play on my mind for a while till I took a real look at what the findings were, I didn’t just search up on Wikipedia or the NHS website I would start to read medical journals and see how it is defined. My findings concluded, its not a death sentence.

(Even further I have come up with hypothesis on how to treat it; that is for another blog. )

How I saw myself looking after my body was different. I didn’t automatically start treating it like a temple. What I knew though is with strong bones, a strong body and cardio vascular system your quality of life will have levelled & or better than the next guy because sickle cell puts you in the position to have to live to a higher standard of nutrition as a basic prerequisite.

With all the people I have seen with the condition (numbering in the hundreds) those with less complaints eat a balanced diet go to the gym to move weights and don’t make reckless decisions, those with the best life have THE BEST LIFESTYLE. I want to stress it does not absolve crisis, it helps the pain tolerance to be higher because the body is generally in better shape and used to the stresses of those physical activities. So the friends that look ‘perfectly healthy’ will participate in sports activities and or socially drink and don’t “look like” they have sickle cell till they tell you look after themselves to a very high standard. Everyone though is healthy till they are not.

This means being an active participant in your health. I listen to my body and assess the situation, when I do that I have better control of my days. I’m not saying there aren’t days I can be gripped by pain, not at all. I know what’s best for me and what’s not so good for me when it comes to activity.

I feel great daily if I look after my body daily. This is something all of my brothers and sisters to know, I’m not the biggest guy but I started with the smallest weights and the shortest session but slowly year after year I gained more inner strength to compose myself and try out for my university Gymnastics team. Being very honest it was the best decision I made as an adult. Making sure within myself that this is my own body I own it, my identity is what I make of it, Sickle Cell is not me it exists while I’m alive but it will not condemn me to a life of fear and destitution.

If this makes sense pass it on, just like the death sentence disease idea that was probably passed on hand this piece of information over too, instead of looking at friends and family with desperate despair maybe this dose of optimism will do you all some good.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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Adidas Technology – An intro into footwear innovation and key to superiority

We go again

I think so much about what materials are being used when creating anything. From when I’m consulting on architecture projects to fashion, mobile tech is a given but that’s a 2022 conversation.

Adidas is winning in technology

  • barefoot,(Frampton)
  • boost, bounce, cloudfoam
  • speed mesh
  • Firm ground (Johnston)
  • Future craft 4D
  • Biosteel Fibre
  • Adiprene

Barefoot tech

Midsole Tech


Fibres & Uppers

I take heed of this as a designer. Because making is more than bringing a drawing to life its thinking about the future and curating a type of environment that breeds innovation. Showing people there’s always room for growth, behind Adidas Group is a team of engineers.

You see Nike team up with so many material groups face value, but as far as I can tell Adidas has an Apple aesthetic where it’s just their name on the shoe.

It was the biggest news in ’96 with Adidas ‘Feet you wear’ campaign vs Nike Air & more Air, the company out competed in tech every time with help from Frampton Ellis. These are the things I take note of when I work with the engineering side of material technology and manipulation. Not just a good looking sneaker an ergonomic sneaker with function form and aesthetics

Editors Note

Adidas found their in to the sportswear market with this and climacool. From the predator to the Y-3 Runner 4D there’s not many challengers that are shaping innovation the way Adidas is.

This is a philosophy I take with me on my journey, it’s not just about understanding your competition it’s about adding to yourself in a creative way. Not stealing diseases but adding to your ethos to make you a better company. The Sam Walton (of WalMart) way

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