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Sweeping Trend: What I see about to sweep the general public – Animal, Print and Polka Dot are here in a big way

We go Again, I have loved the reception that Sn Sv St has got. Not just as a blog but by the marketplace and how they are loving fashion items like those, well those who are bold anyway. After all my shout outs to the colour orange during the winter season I am collecting those […]

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‪A Dialogue on: Finding Your Style – the man makes the clothes not the other way around‬

Finding Your Style The man makes the clothes not the other way around We go again, I have committed to the honour of someone who cares about style. It’s really been a part of me for as long as I’ve known. There are Two things I will always Remember; 1) You look the part you […]

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A Dialogue On: A stylist of extreme comfort – Bloody Osiris the new Harlem World

We go again, I speak about comfort, I speak about luxury I speak about living in your own ethic and style. Few are trying to do this extreme comfort more than Bloody Osiris. Travis Scott (to Right) Two brothers out of Harlem affiliated with the ASAP Mob and creative consultant for multiple fashion houses and […]

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