Lack Lustre Luxury — Luxury Lines Lost Lineage

Fashion houses Losing their way in form of trying to appeal and offend people who are not Their customer base

We Go Again,

It makes me uncomfortable to see this happen, I wrote about the high fashion hoodie and people thought they could take items that appeal to my social base and create items that have nothing to do with them in order to capture a new audience; Even at the expense of offending us.

I shake my head and wag my finger at these guys who thing they can really mess with my people’s emotions, it’s a problem.

Don’t lose your job

First of all don’t lose your job trying to appeal to an audience that isn’t for the company you’re working for. You’re talking about Vivendi LVMH and Marc Jacobs, billion dollar corporations that run on merchandising and margins.

You cannot be an artist with margins. Just ask Raf and Alexander Wang. I only name them because I love them dudes, bringing America to Balenciaga and Paris to CK wasn’t going to work the sensibilities of those two don’t blend, like herbal tea and milk. If you ever tried to put milk in lemon and ginger tea you know what I’m talking about

When you’re not sensible with blending cultures you’re going to have a problem with the customer base because what you’re doing won’t sell…

Bringing me to my next point

Don’t try be artsy with MY HISTORY

The most uncomfortable part about this past year is the using of racist imagery and cultural items thinking my people will fall for it.

You cannot try make an artist statement as a non black person with black history. It’s unacceptable, some of my people don’t know better so they can’t say better which is why they need someone on the understanding side to be forthcoming with them.

It’s like what on Gods Green Earth are you expecting making clothes with the sensibility of black sentiment trying to gain when the customer is aristocratic white and Asians.

My people have got killed for less so why do more than necessary. There are an infinite number of formations and patterns and styles you can use. Making stuff that doesn’t appeal to your main customer when clothes isn’t your companies main exploit. It’s weird -big man ting – uncomfortable for me to have to write like this. Smh.

I’m really done with you all

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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‪A Dialogue on: Finding Your Style – the man makes the clothes not the other way around‬

Finding Your Style

The man makes the clothes not the other way around

We go again,

I have committed to the honour of someone who cares about style. It’s really been a part of me for as long as I’ve known. There are Two things I will always Remember;

1) You look the part you act the part

2) The man makes the clothes

These two comments have reigned true for my entire understanding of clothes, perception, style, confidence, fashion, luxury & attitude. Depending on what I wear I get treated a certain type of way, respect and esteem is earned depending on amount of thought is put into an outfit and amount of style one exudes while wearing it. That’s said for a person who knows what he’s doing when he’s building a catalog and developing a wardrobe fit for his style.

Dress like a man act like a man

This and many other variations of the phrase were told to me as a young man starting secondary school, in a Church of England you rise when a senior staff member comes in the room; have your tie straight; your blazer clean; and sit when told. This way of learning respect for elders was instilled in me with a passion, when you tie it in to everything else you learn about being a man it’s uncompromising and unwavering. Simply made sense, so who was I to question? Great question, the answer is – Not Your Typical, that’s who I am.

When I realised this was a big deal was when I would wear an Anorak with a big scarf and my hood on in a cold autumns day on the way to gymnastics and the difference in the way I was treated in my suit and in my anorak. Noticing the attire makes the perception and the attitude amplifies it. One of the only ways to not get treated like a criminal now and in the earlier days was dress as formal as possible for a man in a suit is not suspect of crimes. This is when I learned clothes have meaning, you dress a certain way it says something about you. (This incident was one that happened pre the luxury hoodie)

Looks stylish, he is stylish

‘A man of composure and confidence is a man that knows who he is and where he’s heading’

When you’re somewhat stylish people smell that on you, why? Because when a man is concerned with the finer details of the garments he decides to wear; each things has purpose and ties what he’s wearing together it set off an array of signals which say. That guy knows what he’s doing & the way you walk and the way you carry yourself follows soon after.

Having composure in your attitude and confidence in who you are as a person, has people believe what you want them to believe about you whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or a button-up the way the outfit is pieced together is the point not the individual pieces but the harmony and cohesiveness of the outfit from colour to detailing to cut and fit addressing all of these in an outfit pours into everything else you do.

Wear your clothes – don’t have them wear you

There is no shortcut to this style game. Essential Style is the first hurdle, Essential Style is what you gather when you have no money in the bank but you make things work anyway.

You’re able to pieces together what you want from simpler items , having your fit cost less that £200 but have you feeling more than a Thousand — but that’s only if you let it have you feel that way. Unless you create clothes and want to understand the difference between expensive fabric or the highest grade fabric and the cheaper more unrefined fabric (which takes years of testing) that is only when one could say this garment is not for me.

Whatever garments you do wear there should be an understanding of where it came from and what it represents which is why labels and brand names became so important, how you can tell the difference in a garment that’s machine made; made in a sweat shop; or hand sewn. Whichever of those represents you the best should inspire you to wear those.

The garments you buy are yours they represent you so in buying one you feel confident in the quality and what the label stands for so you should be your most confident within it, if you’re not confident one of the two is misaligned and you’re buying something frivolously

There is no shortcuts

people can try to buy all the the most expensive in season pieces and still find a way to look corny in a fit costing upwards of £5000. All because they never addressed essential style does what I’m wearing go together is what I’m wearing really what I want to have on my body? Is what I’m wearing representative of how I like to be seen?/ how I feel? Those questions left unanswered are all of the corny guys on Instagram wearing expensive fits but nothing looks good it’s all hype not high! No taste, will have you looking like a flop but hubris can carry you all the way.

Don’t let your clothes wear you

This in itself is a sin. As men we have only but so many clothing options so having your clothes eat you up like a Venus fly trap and getting the dreaded ‘it doesn’t suit you like that’ or ‘I like I but just not you in it’ outside of the gracious ‘you look good’ or ‘you’re really killing it’ is a carnal sin. Ever saw another person wear the exact same thing and it look better on them? I haven’t, I couldn’t even think it. I wear it, I feel my best. I wouldn’t wear something because it’s expensive or because someone asked me to. It’s dreadful, I’ve been dressing myself since I was seven other people telling me what I can and can’t wear makes me sick – so I learned exactly what needs be for it to never occur – I never want my girlfriend to think something looks better on another man that I myself wore. Heartbreak. But that doesn’t need to be you, you could have your values in a different place. For me and my level of commitment my clothes are for me – soon to be by me – and my style exists to please me.

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Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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A Dialogue On: A stylist of extreme comfort – Bloody Osiris the new Harlem World

We go again,

I speak about comfort, I speak about luxury I speak about living in your own ethic and style. Few are trying to do this extreme comfort more than Bloody Osiris.

Travis Scott (to Right)

Two brothers out of Harlem affiliated with the ASAP Mob and creative consultant for multiple fashion houses and magazines the Bloody Brothers garner attention with their out there style and “street” ethic. Not being like anyone else, having to get things first, pushing the envelope and leading creativity.

Bloody Osiris is know for the ultra baggy clothes and living meme aesthetic

Link to Instagram

together with the Mob, Luka Sabbat they trend the fashion web with their out there style. When questioned on why he wears his pants so baggy enough they could sag he responded with “because you don’twith that it gave me an insight into the mind of the man that demands so much attention from the youth, because of the times I would not say it’s as big as Ian Connors Fandom but Osiris is steady gaining a cult following for the way he dresses and people are wanting to catch on. Osiris and Dior have stated they’re in this for the money and want to show people there are other way out of their shared circumstances than illegal activities. After a stint in prison Osiris made it his mission to do so as stated in his

Ian Connor (to Left) Bloody Osiris (to Right)

Hypebeast Cover Story and is taking his whole block with him. What more could you ask from a young black king, learning the error of his ways and bringing light to a group of lives that could have ended in darkness

What’s with this obscure style that is tantalising to almost 250k followers on Instagram. It reminds me of Harlem World through and through the nape style and the pic of Lil Wayne everytime Fun but also conscious of what he’s wearing. Loud and bold stating he is here and knows what he’s doing.

As a stylist one should be able to pull off multiple trends no problem and this is what he is engaging with here. The young man is establishing himself than dressing outside the norm, my style tips don’t apply almost because he runs on an ethos and you would have to be engaged in his world. Which is what I love about my fellow stylist the creativity of clothes and telling real story with what you wear and not telling me about yourself but saying what type of person you are. After listening to that Florence forever video I don’t particularly care how this man dresses but what he says is moving. I hope that nature stays steadfast in him

In the Brothers ascent they are monitoring the audiences attention after so long with a their recent New York drop of their Brand Jherome Jhamal. Jherome Jhamal is their design company open to interpretation but they are starting out with bandanas and are developing a whole lot more as you would be able to tell 12 minutes into Florences video.

I’ve got high hopes for these young men there’s nothing to say more than that

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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