Naomi Campbell forever Bigger and Better – What’s next with the model and how can she help new up-and-comers in her shadow

We Go Again

Naomi gets show after show, cover shoots editorials and even more opener and closer for major fashion shows; gets paid by the step; she really is the worlds most famous and in demand model ever.

Naomi is the worlds most top super model and she deserves all the success she has, as a black model out of London who was loved by Gianni Versace (God rest his soul) and more But was boxed out by the industry in the late 80’s and 90’s.

Now she gets her comeuppance it’s astounding how she’s made it back, such a triumph fo her Recently just done a Cover Shoot with Vogue having done well over 20 already – shared and solo – quite the feat.

I know no other model will ever reach her level or close to it, maybe just in my lifetime. I just want to know what’s next, as a black model that was almost boxed out by the industry because of her “attitude” will she do the same, will she feel for all the black models that aren’t getting all the looks they deserve

I know many supermodels that I have advocated for like Adut and Anok even Jourdan another British model that I thought was on the rise for supermodel status in 2014 but now it seems like she’s more influencer online personality. Still quality models doing great things but I’m sure there’s so much they could learn from Naomi.

Nothing tells me any girl wants to be a supermodel like Naomi I’m just thinking about what they can learn as a black model navigating the industry like Naomi did.

greatness begets greatness

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A Dialogue On: A stylist of extreme comfort – Bloody Osiris the new Harlem World

We go again,

I speak about comfort, I speak about luxury I speak about living in your own ethic and style. Few are trying to do this extreme comfort more than Bloody Osiris.

Travis Scott (to Right)

Two brothers out of Harlem affiliated with the ASAP Mob and creative consultant for multiple fashion houses and magazines the Bloody Brothers garner attention with their out there style and “street” ethic. Not being like anyone else, having to get things first, pushing the envelope and leading creativity.

Bloody Osiris is know for the ultra baggy clothes and living meme aesthetic

Link to Instagram

together with the Mob, Luka Sabbat they trend the fashion web with their out there style. When questioned on why he wears his pants so baggy enough they could sag he responded with “because you don’twith that it gave me an insight into the mind of the man that demands so much attention from the youth, because of the times I would not say it’s as big as Ian Connors Fandom but Osiris is steady gaining a cult following for the way he dresses and people are wanting to catch on. Osiris and Dior have stated they’re in this for the money and want to show people there are other way out of their shared circumstances than illegal activities. After a stint in prison Osiris made it his mission to do so as stated in his

Ian Connor (to Left) Bloody Osiris (to Right)

Hypebeast Cover Story and is taking his whole block with him. What more could you ask from a young black king, learning the error of his ways and bringing light to a group of lives that could have ended in darkness

What’s with this obscure style that is tantalising to almost 250k followers on Instagram. It reminds me of Harlem World through and through the nape style and the pic of Lil Wayne everytime Fun but also conscious of what he’s wearing. Loud and bold stating he is here and knows what he’s doing.

As a stylist one should be able to pull off multiple trends no problem and this is what he is engaging with here. The young man is establishing himself than dressing outside the norm, my style tips don’t apply almost because he runs on an ethos and you would have to be engaged in his world. Which is what I love about my fellow stylist the creativity of clothes and telling real story with what you wear and not telling me about yourself but saying what type of person you are. After listening to that Florence forever video I don’t particularly care how this man dresses but what he says is moving. I hope that nature stays steadfast in him

In the Brothers ascent they are monitoring the audiences attention after so long with a their recent New York drop of their Brand Jherome Jhamal. Jherome Jhamal is their design company open to interpretation but they are starting out with bandanas and are developing a whole lot more as you would be able to tell 12 minutes into Florences video.

I’ve got high hopes for these young men there’s nothing to say more than that

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