My Resolution – Be better and greater quality because I deserve it

We go Anew,

I’m making it my business to fulfil myself because who else will. I write because I love it, but beyond writing I want to create and serve in all forms no matter the platform. I have been having this weird sensation to transform my living space from a thing I stay in to a place that’s conducive to productivity. It’s giving me the most amazing motivation and I didn’t even want it before November and it’s having me work everyday to make it happen.

At the end of the day as I create I want people to like my stuff but it’s not important for everyone to like it. Which is why I created the type of fashion page I have, it uses my artsy information along with my long time spent with people in fashion along with how I spent my life growing through fashion which has built someone who can talk about it the way I do. For some reason it comes so second to me, like breathing. When things are “easy” to me I shy away from it because it doesn’t invoke a mighty challenge, I’ve decided to fuck that whole mentality off and understand the challenge is success and even greater acceptance. Acceptance of people believing in me and who I truly am as an artist and a creative

I’ve set my sights on being the guy I’ve always wanted to be which is someone that can give people a hand grown with them and be entertaining, literally my definition of someone I like. You may notice I don’t talk about major brands often and when I do it’s a caveat into a deeper conversation, that’s because the brands are only the catalyst into what’s actually happening around the world, they react to us and that’s the information I want people to find. I myself don’t rely on major labels to breathe life into my style or writing and don’t expect it to be the same for others. Whether it’s business; advertising and marketing; corporations fighting. I want us all to understand it for what it is. And really. All of that is fun shit to me Pretty Little Thing and FashionNova is a Hilarious battle to me.

I’m not so conceited to think the culture needs me , this is simply what I enjoy doing and I’d do it for free. (I do it free) I do it for myself, if it helps or if it entertains I’m extremely happy for that. Dearly I am

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Full Year, New Me!

This Year has been something else. I tell you now everything I have done this year I never expected would happen for me, but then when I look back on my life I realize I deserved each and every bit of it.

Until the last quarter of the year, I was 23 so I guess you could say my 23  year was the best year ever. Reflecting on all the good work I did choices I made and how I have decided to live all was done on purpose. I can definitely say I have been living my life on purpose since I turned 23, everything from being a marketing guru to writing my first script and now this was all done on purpose.

Waking up every day full of vigor and excitement for the day to come from the 1st of January is a feeling past my threshold of expression in words, I look back and I am speechless at my true blue take on life.

Living in the way no one could stop me or even break my resolve on me knowing exactly what I wanted to do. It can be perceived as cockiness to some or really just self-esteem in its purest form. There have been times in my life where you could say I woke up on accident and the goals I had weren’t strong enough to pull me forward. Truly though since exiting University, I have had the best of times living life like I want to, learning more and faster than before gathering the knowledge interpreting it and executing it on-pointe revs me up so much for the year to come.

To marry doing what you want and getting back what you should have been a euphoric experience that I wish to not stop. Not everything was Sunny and I do not think it will get easier but the mentality that I brought to the table when it came to my challenges have been respectful and properly conducive to how I feel any 20SMTHNG should live.

I need for all my life to bring this thought process forward, it feels the start of something superb. Where I go after what I want with all the vigor in the world! It has been a great year, and the sequel will be even better. My life has been well and truly a movie time to make 2017 submit and give it all I’ve got.

This has been your Not So Typical,