OYOS – University of Self

We go again

I took a break from life I took a break from money I took a break from women the game and all of what makes society society.

I was a me that was okay but it wasn’t who I knew I could be, who I wanted to be, the type of man that makes me love myself and my actions.

The type of person that lives OYOS 24/7, that’s a hard draw because OYOS came in waves and forms of necessity not my natural state of creativity.

Being a person that lives by principle is hard it doesn’t make sense to everyone the process is taxing and people talk to you weird funny and try to drag you down when you do it.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not for just anyone to see you go through it I had the luxury of it only be family see me go through it. It took my everything to stay the course but I’m happy I did it.

I went to the university of self, where you learn Principles, Discipline, Action, Strategy, Specialised Knowledge, Money, Method & Character. Learning to be your true self takes time courage and a willingness to accept who you really are no exceptions.

Being who I am just today knowing I’m exactly where I should be and I have a real foundation underneath me feels good. I want to recommend everyone do it, I just know how life is and learning is moved by other things by the word but the physical manifestation of it and the texture of your physical space.

I wrote this as a note to myself writing aloud, maybe to that one or two that’s on the edge of performing the same thing. I just want to tell myself and everyone else it’s worth it. I hope I can become a worthy example to someone out there.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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Spring Of the Rookie Epilogue 1– Start something you see yourself doing long term

Spring Of The Rookie,

As you’ll notice all the “rookies” I have spoke about are not exactly rookies they have all been in this game close to ten years and their recognition is just coming.

When you look into each one of their stories from beginning to now you can tell they’re only getting started on the plan that they really have. They are only really executing on what their real vision is now after getting essential pieces into play.

That’s why I dubbed it springtime of the rookie. It’s the season to plant and cultivate the projects that you really want to take shape

I am not really good with planning or really that intelligent. We can only see with the information we have right now and having one big go you fervently want to see come to life is the driving Force to the action taking place today so you can fulfil it.

I want people to look into the people that they think are successes and really study them, if you can’t see the patterns then that fine and dandy keep trying. If you can then there’s a way you can conceptualise the information for your betterment.

If you feel or understand me, you can see why I take time to write blogs about other designers like myself. I’m not a journalist or reporter I like to take down what I find important and keep that information stored. I love people can gravitate towards it this to me is fun but to you it can be much more. I appreciate that tremendously

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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Where are all the black supermodels under 25

We go again,

I’ve had this on my mind for a long time, I felt if I didn’t speak about it the topic would just play on my mind forever. This isn’t a slight piece or coming from malice or loathe of what we have but from a place of wanting and asking. Considering the climate I would think it wouldn’t be hard to receive.

As the September issues came out and I’m seeing all these beautiful black women on the covers I said something to myself ‘these are all entertainers’ – it’s a weird thought I know but rock with me – as I look at the beautiful imagery I thought not one of these women are models in the conventional sense, good looking? Yes. But no models. Then I scrounge for a super model in this climate I can point to that is put on a pedestal like Aunty Naomi was in the 90’s. And that made me also realise something, Naomi is the go to black super-model for most campaigns.

I have yet to see a youthful black girl who has been given the attention and opportunity that Naomi has been given. I cannot see it, I have not been privy to it. It’s even silly to compare it to the white & Asian counterparts alike, the super-models there are clear.

I’m talking for black girls and the culture in general I want to see more black women that have had to achieve extraordinary things to get on these covers but ones who are very beautiful very poised and highly trained, the resources are there the models even are, the opportunities for them to shine just are not.