Not Your Typical: Receive From Within So You Can Give Without #PrimeNYT

We Go Again,

Are You Living your life or the life you have to live to make someone else happy? This is a question I asked all of my mentees one way or the other, as I find (especially if he/she is not creative) most of them are doing one thing or the other to create a better life for someone else and not themselves.

I say, If your reason to be great; for love; for happiness exist outside yourself i.e. in you wife, in your kids, for your parents, for the world. There is a chance that you can be taken for granted or even worse you can resent those that don’t see the worth in your actions you put forward to make them happy, to make yourself happy.

Have you ever found yourself complaining like, I can’t believe them, do they know all I do for them do they know how I have protected and defended them even when they’re not around or, I have slaved around all this time, I go to work come back, go to. work come back just so I can earn money to feed them, to clothe them, to get them gifts and this is how they treat me? I know I can see myself saying something like that at times.

When you’re a kid your parents do more than what they deem reasonable to make you happy, they want everything for you, but there’s another side, for those that got shouted at for doing something “bad” which you never knew was bad  which will have you thinking that your parents are tripping, this is that thinking. They think you’re ungrateful but you as a 7 year old have no dimensionality for gratitude so it must be built. So you take your Parents “I do this so we can do that and they should thank me”… Sounds about right, right? The only Problem is that with this type of energy where is the things that you do for yourself? is anything you do for yourself anything more than a hobby? Are you living the life you wanted to live or the life that would make them happy?

People will tell you if you want this type of person you will have to live that attracts them, Have you ever lived a life that attracted yourself though? You’re guaranteed to attract someone else for sure but how much of that is really you and how much of that is a facade. How long can you keep up that facade 2, 5, 10 years. Now you can’t even recognise yourself or the person you was before you started trying to attract this person and what you had to do to keep up to make this person “HAPPY”?

I see people say they are gonna get their kids all sorts of things now their kid is dressed in Gucci and that kid is doing kid things in the baby Gucci clothes and the parents say “don’t do that its expensive”… Okay but the child would like to do child things, the kid didn’t look at this luxury outfit and say they wanted it, you did.

Sometimes we work ourselves into a state that was never needed more requested of us, we wanted it for them, we were doing these things to make THEM happy. We weren’t doing it because it was asked of us sometimes it makes you happy to see them happy other times we do things because we think it will make them happy, then if it doesn’t we still request of them gratitude or happiness or affirmation of love.

I say for those times when NOBODY asked you to do these things for them, do it from the openness of your heart and its just something you really wanted to do for them too matter what they thought of the action. Other than that do what is requested and let them know how hard that action might be, then do it anyway, surprise them sometimes with the thing they wanted and knew it was hard for you to give. This will mitigate all sorts of resentment from you and increase the gratitude of all parties involved be that your wife/husband, kid, parents or the world.

With that in mind we are able to give from a relaxed point of view, things you were going to do you’ll do without the lustful expectation of gratitude and things people want from you they can have and give the gratitude you desire multiplied because they know what you had to go through to get it without you putting on a front of ease and poise to please your ego and warping their mainframe into making them think it was no big deal.

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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A Thought on: How I rediscovered all of my talents -What you need to know to be productive

We go again

This is one of those things that if you read it, you’ll get it right away. If not I would have to spend two years mentoring you into understanding this statement.

you were born with the rudiment of all things in this world

I remember when I was told this, it was just the headline & it bode well for me, I was a simple animation student and this understanding transformed me into a multimedia fanatic; all I do is learn all things media and creative for multiple reason now; this was just the start of it.

Some people tell me I’m a genius because I understand Design Engineering, Thermodynamics, economics, philosophy and politics. I remember all my late nights book reading and studying on all these topics; so I can’t tell you what the truth is. What I do know is I can recall a great deal of this information and mesh the ideas into my favourite modes of study.

I studied animation so we learned multiple subjects and not just from the realm of design but psychology, storytelling, meaning, advertising, art history and how it relates to a working to industry standards; my course was just packed with all the essentials and fundamentals of all things relating to making good-classic content & if you saw that you won.

This is about the rudiment though all children are born with the rudiments depending on culture children will act out the memes and iconic stories of their home state to better understand their role and ideas are imprinted into them, consequently they drop or forget what it is to act outside their position; even further back children will Babel every phonemes in speech, yes every human is born with the rudiment to sound all languages; once they’re grown to speak they lose such abilities and keep all the relevant ones to their languages, who would have thought baby babel is real babel.

Many people have been told what they can and can’t get up to, some people believed those that told them that. A common strand I’ve seen in creatives is we ask questions and a common practice I’ve seen in entrepreneurs they didn’t believe anyone a common practice I’ve seen in geniuses they believed the were always right… These people were the defiant ones, disagreeable to the norm and conscious to own vision, the disruptors and the thinkers these people are usually the builders of economy.

Adopting any of those practices to question what you’ve been told, mores to question what you believed from what you were told. This will bode well for all, there’s a whole reconciliation process with understanding every lesson you were taught to aid you and not hinder you. However just before that there’s really one thing you have to be sure to know. Your skill level and threshold for greatness.

When I was younger I had to discover my limits, finding out there are only the limits you put on yourself I made sure I learned all I needed to, relevant and qualified subjects for that goal. Learning because you can because you’re young, because you’re you; because you’re great is a worthy ideal the nonstop growth and contest with your own self is.

Whether you find something new about yourself and shift your thinking; discover things you never knew you could do all steel your resolve to whatever you believed to be true with no distractions or what ifs.

what will it be?

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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