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You said you were gonna do something and didn’t. Wow, there are no words for the thing I feel when I don’t execute. It has to be the most uncomfortable feeling there is out there. To say to yourself completely and wholly believe that I was going to do it. A man must take the utmost responsibility for who he is and who he portrays himself to be. You’ve created this image, this veneer, it is your responsibility for anything that comes your way.

Someone so controlled and excellent with words must be wary as their ability to string what must seem like the perfect sentence can come off as honesty, slight or anger when their intentions aren’t aligned with what they say. I cannot just be so cavalier about what I say – I can/can’t/will/won’t do -, this is your moment this is your time to make a mark, your words really do become opportunities. you’ve said you were good at this thing for so long have you taken the time to get great.

There have been really crucial moments where I have given my CV out and my qualifications and experience were perfect but my recent portfolio didn’t match, not because my skills are average but because my what I had to show for myself was. Whether or not I’m excellent, the business doesn’t care my work got deleted, whether my Equipment wasn’t running well at the time, or all the digital files for said work got wiped. It is still my responsibility to make sure that happens less and less. I take full ownership of my fuck ups because they’re mine and I do my best to find an equal or better solution to my problem.

With age comes experience – or people assume so. Theres going to be a time you won’t get that junior position phone call anymore. Your graduation date tips off your minimum age so people will be looking for more experienced work from you. Can you show it? Not saying your work must be worlds apart in the effort put in – we learn to work smarter not harder in an office space. You’re given a key role, does the story in your portfolio reflect that? I’ve noticed this isn’t just artistically, in creative studios. (Business smarts dictate you record how you made a business better, how many sales you made and your value to that company in the time you were there. A case study.) Is the freelance work your doing telling a story of you being able to give more & earn more? EVEN IF ITS FOR FREE! Are the case studies you put together going to pay off? Are your presentation boards in order? The Pitch decks, selling? Real questions you got to ask yourself. You better hope they are, for you not for them. As long as those are in order you will be able to accomplish all things, because when you have all of these things on record you gain something with leverage. Have you been in the position where the work you are doing for a job role is more than was required of you and wasn’t on your responsibilities list? See, that’s what I’m talking about. Now you’re thinking like a pro, that’s leverage.

With age comes experience or it’s assumed to be. during this 23-27 period before you get your more senior /mid-level serious  job offers coming in only so much is asked of you, it is only for us to find out what that is. When you said you were gonna accomplish something for this particular position or path you chose remember you must work for your betterment as well as the betterment of the company. You don’t need to go it alone or Run your own enterprise to know you must be accountable for your own words, your own actions, when you said you were going to do something go do it.

There have been times where I took time off in my sales jobs. (My past doesn’t lie everything is recorded) my performance told me the truth at that moment, I was unable to repeat the results of the past. I didn’t know I wasn’t my past accolades, what I done in University was for them, what I done for my previous job was for them, what I do today is for me, its for this moment.

What I really mean by that is never lose the enthusiasm and never – by any means – rest on your laurels. When I learned this is when I started learning about personal production and positioning. To be able to create my own value just as I did like a spry kid selling chocolates out my backpack and Iced juice during summer terms, of school. I am to be the guy that always produced the goods in the moment I need them most. The best way to do that is to always be ready so you never have to get ready. Knowing my timings, assessing my skill level making sure my CV is up-to-date (as in I can still do all the things I said I could do) are all part of this game called Professional Careers

always remember,

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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OYOS Part 3/3 Law of Trafalgar

These the laws of Trafalgar, the very same that I live by today are more of a sentiment an ode to entrepreneurship rather than a recount of a moment in time. For Trafalgar’s Law was a build up that started in Uni & the beginning of a new Era. The world was seen in a different light, you can say I was in the New World

It all started in my Homies room where I shed tears for all the dumb shit that I was doing and how unserious of a candidate I was for success. I told myself I was going to make it one day but I needed to be serious about my life. Remember at this point I was making more money than I’ve made any year prior, but to me, it wasn’t enough. I needed more I needed it to be real and I needed it to be mine.

I started with my attire I needed to feel good, by any means. Professional every day, without fail. this is the same time now I went after the jobs I wanted and successfully conquered many days at the same time I put myself out there and started promoting what I wanted. Live streaming was my medium, I lit it up as an influencer. I was more aware and more accepting of my surroundings creating situations and ‘following the money.’ Because at the start of everything you must follow something, and not being broke was a priority.

After leaving University and being back home, home. I looked at my surroundings and prepared and visualised what I wanted to happen. After declining an offer at Jacobs, I needed to create some source of income, it had to be quick and needed a source to generate income. Simple, I will be a handyman, they’re independent willing to fail and I could easily make £100. a day (which we did).

Simple right. Yes. But nothing ever comes easy and sourcing things by yourself is a full irritation. I’m not one to do things for myself so I told myself simply help someone make money you’ll definitely make something. So I called a great friend Hugo, asked how he was doing. (Bear in mind we’ve done a little business before) Coming from my power base he was easy to talk to, we both wanted better for ourselves and are willing to try our hardest to get it.

This is where our talk in trafalgar square took place. where I learned of my true power as a leader. filled with so much purpose I spoke and he listened. we exchanged many words and as we we’re seated I felt our minds on the same wavelength, when I spoke to him about my dreams for a great business he wanted nothing more than to help me along the way. How I would like to see it is that ‘a man of principles came to me first for help’. This is the only respectable way I can view it because after that talk we learned and spoke for months on end committing ourselves to a high performance attitude with nothing more than enthusiasm behind us. We truly moved like a whirlwind, as one, like a wildfire.

That High didn’t last long as high performance leads to high friction. and personalities clashing. However nothing gets in the way of the one true vision as I learned you must always remind people of & be a symbol of such, embodying every characteristic of the person you said you would be for them, a very taxing position but a worthwhile one long term. The problem is, a high performance attitude doesn’t last too long in someone who isn’t truly prepared for it and quite frankly I got tired of being the guy to lean on – my personal folly – I knew not of what it really took to be a leader.

This is where I learned the dark side to my charisma. as much as I give spiritually is as much that gets taken from me, with no positive spirit give back only negative energy can fuel the head. and thats toxic. No one needs that, amongst other thing this led Hugo and I to part ways, I never want to feel like a boss and I never want it to be just me as the driving force to someone else passion. They need a thing, I can be that thing but not for long, one must learn to run alone or not at all.

It took me two years to complete this, when I started OYOS the first part was over a year away and the second was months, writing about something in the thing isn’t something I like to do having true retrospect where you can look at all parties actions fairly is where I’d rather place my hat especially in Law of Trafalgar. We learned so much I’d have hated to create a bias representation of any part involved and this is just the light read version, when the book and/or film get involved I will surely use my all to write it exactly how it went. Till then

This has been Not Your Typical [As I go as in this 2018]

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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For the Culture

Being raised by Hip-Hop and seeing the different artist grow and develop through my development as a person. Literally growing up with these artists and learning living life vicariously through them I have seen the Rise & Fall Pain & Profits of success, fame, celebrations, and the vehement criticisms of artists. Of all genres encompassing Rap and Art (Self Development & Self Actualisation)from the past 3 decades of my existence.

The boom of the internet and transformation into social networking bought an even higher criticism of artist along with a wider spread group think, This is ultimately bad; This is ultimately good. Putting my take on things I’ve seen that people the average person is influenced by these so called “Influencers”. The exchange and repartee of people over social networks people just love to shit on art. Now me with my just serious view slightly witty and creatively endowed wordplay I feel my opinion matters on these subjects. Yes. I feel it and no one else needs to be involved with this opinion. I am happy being the person out there on my own “Banging” for an artist that I love can’t get enough of and just don’t  talk about the ones I feel need more time to breathe. My self-proclaimed ability to pick out talent and A&R is just one of those things that I play about with but can’t do anything about so in me deciding to use this platform to share what I love why not talk about the creatives that catch my eye and impact thought. I have seen many artist that I have loved in their early stages from Drake & Weekend in the late 2000’s to Migos & Chance The Rapper of today, Lil Uzi, XXXTENTACION the list goes on.

I am happy being the person out there on my own “Banging” for an artist that I love can’t get enough of and just don’t  talk about the ones I feel need more time to breathe. My self-proclaimed ability to pick out talent and A&R is just one of those things that I play about with but can’t do anything about so in me deciding to use this platform to share what I love why not talk about the creatives that catch my eye and impact thought. I have seen many artist that I have loved in their early stages from Drake & Weekend & Kendrick in the late 2000’s to Migos & Chance The Rapper of today, maybe just maybe I can put something in people’s minds as artists’ to watch or look out for. Also, I will be looking at ARTIST Creative Directors, Sculptors, Painters, and Artisans of the like that work with the  Physical realm who catch my eye hip hop influenced or not shine, however, dim my light is right now, is well deserved whenever it gets to me. I have love of other people in creative fields so why not give them whatever I can give them too, I would love to be suggested people, but, for now, it’s just me.

Writing this there have got to be blogs that do this already but I don’t write for them haven’t heard of them nor have they seen my writing to do such things. So I’ll have it, I have got many artist that I am looking at and listening to already so there is a great base for me to at least start. There is also the thought of Albums I listen to where I know in the old climate they used to let them breathe so there is a flavor in their eyes to talk about the work as a full body which is the sound of something I love to let an album cook and sit with it to listen in all moods let the albums “cook” to at least to be able to give myself a solid mindstate to write about this thing that people call abstract and artsy. ‘Frank Ocean – Blond‘, ‘Solange Knowles – A Seat At The Table‘, ‘Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book‘. To again name a few of the people whose work took me a while to understand.  Part of the repertoire of things that the industry force love or just haven’t clearly depict (to me) what the thing they made truly meant to me as a listener.

I, myself take after Will Durant in his essay ‘A Shameless Worship of Heroes‘ where he spoke only of greatness and propped the people up as they needed to be. The only difference would be these guys are alive and I can give Just do’s not being lost in the stew of the industry to be nice for the sake of it. These are things I truly like and enjoy to listen to, looking at, and people whose works I really enjoy.

So this has been

Not Your Typical