#SneakerSunday May – Alyx Nike FreeRUN with vibram Cramp Sole

We go again,

Matthew williams edges mays best sneaker with the free run images just days before the month ends. It was probably going to go to a free run anyway but this is a speedsock free run with rugged detachable sole that doubles as a basketball sneaker. I am yet to see how weatherproof this rugged second sole is so we can’t call it Techwear but it’s my favourite thing to look at right now.

Matthew Williams pulled something off I don’t think anyone has wrote about. He made Nike and another name brand collab all on his own, we should all know Nike puts out exclusivity contracts for anyone working with them meaning they can’t work with a competing brand but maybe Matthew has found a way to get Alyx to work with Nike.

I have a Vibram blog coming up but they have been getting busy with other industrial sneaker designers and Matthew is one of their main ambassadors with pretty much all his sneakers donning a Vibram second sole. This second sole is rugged chunky and looks almost weatherproof but I like to call these Second Soles City Clip-ons meaning they’re built for inner city walking only and don’t be so certain water won’t fall in the cracks of the innersole of the second sole. Kind of confusing but you get the picture.

The running sneaker or speed sock does not have the Frampton Ellis Barefoot Tech probably to make it easier to clip on to the sole but it is a high top that is slip on with an inner sole zip and shoelaces as a facade or to tighten. Some rugged toe grip and same reinforcement on the heel – and if I know anything about the way the free run is designed that sole is very flat and sticky probably enough for court use.

The detailing on this crep is impressive I love it, just looks sleek and calm to wear on its own with such a simple silhouette as the freeRUN one, it’s Details make it look very technical and methodical all the fabrics and plastics used seem to be for a purpose and and to the fine details and texture of the boot. Which is really reinforced when you add the Vibram sole which I really want a close look at the mould’s details To see what it really does. The mould really adds to the silhouette a different energy you almost look at the boot as an all in one till you take it off and see the speedsock on it’s own

At this point Vibram is really pulling it in the eyes of Techwear crep aficionados like myself thanks to Matthew it is looking nice to me, Nike made a good move not being too precious with the new sneaker silhouettes and allowing the artist to really manipulate them to create a whole different unique style.

This Crep really speaks to Matthews philosophy and to the industrial sneaker trend now style that sleek & simple go with rugged and detailed.

Editors Note

At this point I really just want to jump in and add to this industrial Sneaker style put my name in the hat and make it certified I’ve really got some things cooking but all in due time. I just love what my peers are doing and moving in a direction I like.

This is the way I like to see menswear done being a real style of its own

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A Dialogue on: The Air Force 1 — FOUR peak reasons Nikes Legacy is cemented with the Uptown’s

We go again,

The Air Force 1 is something I always wanted but didn’t know why since I was a kid. The influence black culture gave the AF1 and soon hip hop would match the shell toe in the air with Run DMC.

How I heard about the AF1 is my cousins in New York. They were about it, and said Air Force One was the flyest. At my first opportunity to shop for myself I got a black pair of AF1 with the gold trim to match my tracksuit. Was the first time I ever saw girls look at me different I was 12 years old I felt so mature then, like I discovered something for the first time, something no one else knew.

Cultural induction into Hip Hop

The reason for the feeling of greatness came years before that. Black culture in New York City was buzzing as you find terrible conditions you have people finding creative way to make it out. It’s the story of all generations, the best entrepreneurs come out of there, this is ’94 Harlem Ready to Die was about to drop, Post Alpo. A place of Go getters, hustlers, and the culture of hip hop, the most notable and cementer of the Iconic Shoe in Hip Hop was Nelly – Air Force Ones the greatest ad never paid for; The cultural currency this song held was like no other, it wasn’t just something for the streets it was now Hip Hops Sneaker and NOTHING has been able to replicate the effect of the song.

All whites

The summertime spectres/Casper’s/ Cocaine White’s. Sporting these meant you knew what you were doing you checked the weather and you knew no one would disrespect them by scoffing them; You were the man and these were a representation of such; You were brave; and you knew who you were.


These pearly criss whites were a reflection of great poise. Patent leather soon transformed into a canvas for those who would make the pair they owned individual so much so that there is an industry of people that clean customise and curate these sneakers. Retail price starting at £200 it is really lucrative for anyone that can circle the market for curating customs.

Curator Collaborations

The market for custom curation is so huge that Nike was losing so much money on resell and so forth they had to become a player in the market upping the number of collaborations they do almost ten fold in the past 3/4 years since the inception of AF1 they have had major collaborators with just the curation alone of the AF1 let alone the rest of The Air series or Jordan. Nike was no longer a place that collaborated with only “elite athletes” they inject themselves further into the narrative of streetwear by creating collaborations with other fashion influencers and houses.

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The Sneaker Stock Market – Ups and downs of sneaker Buying Holding and Traders

We go again,

Inn the years I’ve spent coveting sneakers. Let’s call it 20 years. I have grown to understand some of the faces you will come across, well characters, whom you can spot a mile off in their fits, people are what they wear for the most part. When it comes to sneaker cops and drops they are almost a literal incarnation of the description I’m going to put across.

Hype Beast

We all know about being a hype beast and fiening for a good drop from a highly coveted designer but I’ve noticed people get confused with Hypebeast – hypebeast is a term for entry level consumers just getting into fashion or more commonly someone that’s into all the highly coveted pieces for Jawn, fit checks flexing & other IG like purposes.


The people who ruin drops for us normal people but if you have a bot sincerely i HATE YOU. I am here to buy a couple cool things that are to my taste and here they come rinsing everything out to resell. Hate that & them. Till I get a bot and become one of the bot men.

There’s no way the average person can get a drop because of these guys now. They hack ever drop


Them man there and the celebrities that will spend whatever money they can on garms just to look desirable, because that’s what they do to grab the youngers attention.

They try it the youngers buy it, it’s like promo on steroids it’s what got the Milano skate brand off the ground for ASAP Ant who doesn’t skate a lick. Same with Kith and Supreme


these guys will paint cut strip and customise the clothes to their own liking making them originators they are my personal favourite type of people they even keep the AF1 alive and give free promo to any company there is out there because of what they do, like I said they keep the AF1 alive.

Tried to manipulate the Yeezy but it’s hard to paint on that fabric which is why the AF1 is a classic. Because of them. Salut.

banter aside, I have to talk about hype jackets because these people aren’t in it for the love they’re in it for a different game.

Hype jacking would be seeing people are into these things and buying only to resell and flip for an extortionate price. These guys most of the times are just kids, newly into fashion and just want to fit in somewhere. Look like their favourite rapper and consumed with the flex. And here you are swiping garments from under them not because you like the designer – which is not something you can say about these young bucks, knowing a designer is key to them. – but because you see what is selling and you want to cash in and cash out on the culture. Please have some respect and leave these kids alone, I’m not necessarily a purist but I do just love the game and am welcoming to all parties. The trash some people get up to I just can’t jive with.

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