Sweeping Trend: What I see about to sweep the general public – Animal, Print and Polka Dot are here in a big way

We go Again,

I have loved the reception that Sn Sv St has got. Not just as a blog but by the marketplace and how they are loving fashion items like those, well those who are bold anyway.

After all my shout outs to the colour orange during the winter season I am collecting those tokens and foreseeing the next trend. Right now this is February, Released in April 30. On the cusp of spring as I write this and I see More colour more print and more patterns in all forms.

Something I’m on now right after my Creeper blog something I want to happen vs something that is just what I feel we see more of as I Collected images from fashion month in February we will see more prints.

As an update to my patterns prints and sigils blog, the design dialogue. I see many many people wearing more prints and colours being more adventurous with their garments and choice of fabric as individualism takes more and more of a hold people are beginning to be their true selves and standing out from the crowd – Not as a way to force “Being bold” as a fashion student would say; more expressing themselves through garments and creating discourse through clothes.

My mind has been telling me this since winter and here are some choice edits from fashion week on the streets of  Europe, Milan, Berlin, Antwerp & Paris. People are becoming greater at being themselves and wearing what they really want.


That would be animal prints mainly tiger stripes to take over the nautica of last year and leopard spots of furs as well as polka dots. I for one will be partaking in Dots all summer, Last year was Nautical Stripes now I’m on Polka dots.

 neon & snake print gaudy yes but its only the start.

It’s a quirk I’m really into I will be buying a couple pieces that reflect that for this summer. Just wanting to be better with style and doing things that haven’t been done before in my little subsection.


I can tell exactly how I’d rock them stripes too and them polka dots and considering it’s just a pattern prints and sigils blog let me share my thoughts on style

i want a orange hoodie wit tiger stripes

An oversized polka dot jumper

Leopard print fur/ borg

Zebra print gilet


this would be all part of my prints capsule collection.

I will be perpetuating the agenda for the next year because animal prints are coming back in a big way just not in the time that’s now.

In menswear it will be all part of the chimera garms territory which I won’t say much about less someone steals my ideas for the season. Just know if you see it they got it from me


It’s really fun having your ideas being taken note of. All designers and stylist are really creative and it’s great to see the ideas I write about in the marketplace and merchandisable, tells me I’m on a good track with my design process

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The FOUR Aesthetics of Techwear

We go again

There are many different types of Techwear and after accidentally saving over my Techwear blog I’m here to write it again.

The March of tech, from Adidas, to the style ethos, to the breakdown of the styles. Here it is, techwear style comes in forms people enjoy to play about and buy piece or even change their whole wardrobe for it.

It’s incredibly pricy so the entry point is quite high, the technology is meaningful and the function is useful.

Maybe you can tell why I like it after reading some of my blogs, I have thought deeply into this. And enjoy everything to do with Techwear so far.

It’s not all the way how I dress and if people keep shoving Fear of God down my throat I might have to cough up some money and buy that.

You’re gonna hear Aesthetic a lot because my vocabulary is low and it’s a blog all about aesthetics that are high on the scale and in style.

My industrial sneaker/ chimera garms have not made their way to the main stage but soon. That’s more about pushin the boundaries than style.

Here are the 4 Techwear Aesthetics as I know them


There’s a hefty way about people who wear samurai tech bulk and almost mechlike. Blame Errolson Hughes, with a coat that can transform into a backpack there is some really cold ways samurai tech can be done


Dark sleek windproof and waterproof, sealed pockets and creative placement. Many Techwear styles stem from wanting ultra functional gear without wanting to carry much. The ninja style to me is the OG of it all Harkening back to Yohji Yamamoto

Sometimes look like they are wrapped tight like running gear and angular somewhat Cubist approach I see vein used when I look at the angles and lines that draw the eye, intentional or not it’s there

Sci Fi

Hidden pockets wrapped invisible zips straps and attentive. The details are immaculate and functions are tantamount.

Some of the colours get crazy like the prestos there’s real colour and pattern there it can get crazy like ACG or got minimal. And all black like [INSERT NAME HERE]


There’s an ethos to greyman that’s different for myhe others, those that sport it make it a mission to blend in from plain tees and baseball hats to militant styles cuts and mute colours or complimenting; Maybe even a suit it’s all about blending into your environment.

There’s a Modern approach to so much I see to the Greyman style, I’m okay with minimal function and not too over the top, there’s a comfort factor to that and ability to blend such an aesthetic into your day to day life.

I love the greyman aesthetic because it comes with rules and regulations that maybe won’t be your cup of tea because you wouldn’t be wearing any gear that’s necessarily techy & people won’t even know if you’re a greyman or not. It’s all part of the aesthetic plain and simple

Editors Note

As time progresses Techwear is growing from sports goods to outside attire. Lounge wear like hoodies tracksuits jumpers and such will be known for a casual aesthetic and not this underprivileged brand it holds today.

As we know Hoodies and Loungewear are part of a high fashion catalog, there is no line between poor and rich it’s all becoming what you feel comfortable in. That’s a type of fashion I can agree to

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