An Intro — Vibram the new player in industrial footwear and sneakers

We go again

I seen this name a couple of times in 2018 then it made headway all throughout 2019 I just had to write a quick blog about it.

It is effecting the culture and bridging the gap in tech for creating better footwear. The main thing about small footwear companies is the tech they use to make sneakers, it’s appalling and tough to stand on. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a company that doesn’t take in consideration the technology they use for soles.

Vibram is bridging that gap. Being a Development company that has been around for 80 years making mould for footwear and sport now they are rearing their head in the cultures companies.

If you didn’t know the creation of things like Boost, Zoom and Air technology is expensive to develop and takes so much time to research and test companies usually skimp on that part and chop together some sort of make shift model to sell to customers and if they do research the sneaker is incredibly expensive to buy because there is no mass production or order of the trainer (a topic for another day) simply put making a trainer is super expensive.

Vibram are the guys helping these companies getting the research out the way and focus on design. They have collaborated with the likes of Off White and Alyx removing the trouble of having these companies develop sole and midsole technology.

I really am keeping an eye on them but for now this is the intro to the sole company Vibram

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#SneakerSunday May – Alyx Nike FreeRUN with vibram Cramp Sole

We go again,

Matthew williams edges mays best sneaker with the free run images just days before the month ends. It was probably going to go to a free run anyway but this is a speedsock free run with rugged detachable sole that doubles as a basketball sneaker. I am yet to see how weatherproof this rugged second sole is so we can’t call it Techwear but it’s my favourite thing to look at right now.

Matthew Williams pulled something off I don’t think anyone has wrote about. He made Nike and another name brand collab all on his own, we should all know Nike puts out exclusivity contracts for anyone working with them meaning they can’t work with a competing brand but maybe Matthew has found a way to get Alyx to work with Nike.

I have a Vibram blog coming up but they have been getting busy with other industrial sneaker designers and Matthew is one of their main ambassadors with pretty much all his sneakers donning a Vibram second sole. This second sole is rugged chunky and looks almost weatherproof but I like to call these Second Soles City Clip-ons meaning they’re built for inner city walking only and don’t be so certain water won’t fall in the cracks of the innersole of the second sole. Kind of confusing but you get the picture.

The running sneaker or speed sock does not have the Frampton Ellis Barefoot Tech probably to make it easier to clip on to the sole but it is a high top that is slip on with an inner sole zip and shoelaces as a facade or to tighten. Some rugged toe grip and same reinforcement on the heel – and if I know anything about the way the free run is designed that sole is very flat and sticky probably enough for court use.

The detailing on this crep is impressive I love it, just looks sleek and calm to wear on its own with such a simple silhouette as the freeRUN one, it’s Details make it look very technical and methodical all the fabrics and plastics used seem to be for a purpose and and to the fine details and texture of the boot. Which is really reinforced when you add the Vibram sole which I really want a close look at the mould’s details To see what it really does. The mould really adds to the silhouette a different energy you almost look at the boot as an all in one till you take it off and see the speedsock on it’s own

At this point Vibram is really pulling it in the eyes of Techwear crep aficionados like myself thanks to Matthew it is looking nice to me, Nike made a good move not being too precious with the new sneaker silhouettes and allowing the artist to really manipulate them to create a whole different unique style.

This Crep really speaks to Matthews philosophy and to the industrial sneaker trend now style that sleek & simple go with rugged and detailed.

Editors Note

At this point I really just want to jump in and add to this industrial Sneaker style put my name in the hat and make it certified I’ve really got some things cooking but all in due time. I just love what my peers are doing and moving in a direction I like.

This is the way I like to see menswear done being a real style of its own

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Nike remodel their FREErun Flyknit 5.0 Trainer with Updated Tech

We go again,

Has Nike been bungling it the whole time? Why is it just now that Nike is using Barefoot technology? What has changed in the Nike Running devision?

I am not an insider, I’m just someone who loves tech and sneakers. Some of the first tech in sneakers was Frampton Ellis Barefoot technology, we have known for decades the flat footed way block soles hit the ground are not good for walking or running, let alone sports.

What is Barefoot Technology?

It is the tech that stops you rolling your food and simulates expanded foot plant while in impact with the ground. It can bee found famously in the Yohji Yamamoto BYW and the Yeezy 500 the obvious change is the midsole is bubble shaped these balls minimise the points of impact, taking stress off the foot and stops it from rolling and you twisting or breaking your ankles as is know to happen with tennis & basketball shoes during lateral movements in the time before this was invented

So what changed?

It’s my guess that Adidas had exclusivities to the patent that ran out or Nike saw me talk about how Adidas Technology is leagues above Nike. Let’s go with a mixture of the two, the main reason I love Adidas is because of their technological innovations/ their r&d department I love how they synthesise plastic into better more comfortable polymer blocks.

Whatever deal was struck has put Nike in a better position with geeks likeness and runners alike.

What does it mean that Nike Has Barefoot Technology

It seems as though Nike is throwing their hat into the race by introducing their Running sneaker to the barefoot technology —been a long time coming— basically admitting for years now their sole technology for their running shoes have not been up to scratch but right now the use of Barefoot tech puts their foot forward in an attempt to encapsulate Sport and Culture.

These new FREErun 5 (one of my favourite Nike moulds) talk the talk and run the run. I haven’t seen them in real life but I could spot Barefoot a mile away and with the culture of running getting bigger and as people become more scientific Nike will need the Best tech in their footwear possible; from their top notch breathable fabric to barefoot technology in pretty much all of their running trainers.

Nike seems to be going for a retrofit rollout as to mitigate them not looking like it’s a new 21st century marvel so geeks like me don’t call them out their ad really seems to be calling to the wannabe scientific but also easing the public into the look of the sneaker which I must say is a big departure from their block and trapezium soles.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they utilise all sorts of other technology not just this one.

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