A Note On: One Year On From Starting my website #PrimeNYT

Bless Up from your feet to your head top

We go again

It’s even been a year since I started writing articles. And 5 months since I took it seriously,bits been one heck of a journey like seriously I never thought a year later I would have a podcast or writing releasing my books and it’s all because I started this website.

Having this website to express myself is what allowed me to flex that muscle and really be one with my creative process. From the concept and planning of an idea and being able to flesh out an idea in word format all the way to presenting it for people once the idea is done to the state I appreciate.

I have recently started my podcast and my talking ability may be high but it’s not all the way where I want it but when it comes to writing a concept down and going through the process of editing and fleshing it out I have a real good idea of how to do that. Translating that into orator skills is my podcast job and just in there as I do here. I am just honestly thankful I went down this path.


I’m pleased to see how this grows, I haven’t been talking about the most zeitgeist things but I have been talking about things that are important to me and its amazing to see they’re important to others.

Talking about contemporary designers principles design ethics mindset and all that isn’t as sexy as all the mainstream outlets would have you believe but they are very important. I talk about designers that get little press but are positively amazing my most inspiring posts have been about Yoon of Ambush and Kerbie of Pyer Moss (who’ll I’ll be writing more on.); who have been read on mystic mortises than any designer, which makes me proud. I had a genuine interest in their greatness and it spread.

Thats the type of energy ~I hope to bring light to contemporary designers and better understanding of what it means to be an artist and have a philosophy. Those code’s will forever be shared as long as this forum exists and I am happy I made it

Stay composed and keep your neck up

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A Note on Sickle Cell: The Addict Stigma & Opioid Crisis ‘We are in pain not addicts’

We go again,

While in pain the fastest course of action is Painkillers from Paracetamol to stop a fever and Ibropofen to quell inflammation all the way to Opioids to numb the whole body completely from the real excruciating pain of a crisis.

With such pain it is very important it gets dealt with in haste, however Sickle Cell patients have to deal with being thought of as an addict as they have to use high caliber of drug to deal with insufferable pain. Most of these medications are not available to the general public, as a Sickle Crisis sufferer you are taught from young to stay informed and be vigilant about your medical condition so having such information can be seen as a catch 22, that being said should it really be at the cost of the sufferers?

This particular blog addresses the stigma which tells doctors that Sickle Cell patients are PainKiller addicts on top of not believing black pain as detailed in a portion of humanity — (please check out the blog as they relate heavily) they believe that Sickle Cell patients present as Opioid addicts — this causes some of the patients to have longer wait times and to be tested to ensure to the Doctor in question this patient has Sickle Cell.

These prior exams have a negative effect on patients, further research shows there is no president for Sickle Cell patients ever being addicts. A study shows patients are less likely to get addicted to painkillers due to the natural nature of the pain. All the while America is in the middle of an “Opioid Crisis” and more and more people being hooked on prescription pills like Percocet’s Oxy and Codeine all of which are exactly the pills used to handle chronic pain making it really bad new for Sickle Cell patients who have been lumped in with abusers.

A great deal of Sickle Cell patients as well as I, dislike having to rely on taking certain pain medication more often than not those sufferers who decide to hold off taking pain medication until the last moments. Pain Killers do not cure anything on the part of the patients there relieves the pressure of pain; some situations end up like my anecdotal evidence in Living Through a Crisis.

I have been looked at as an addict more times than I have actually been treated for my pain; prior to ever getting proper attention to my medical emergency, this irks especially when there is no basis scientific or factual basis of this more often than not its a ‘pseudo-analysis based on what presents as signs of addiction…’ I want to changed that.

I do believe though that opioids do not need to be the only solution, Sickle Cell Pain  is a symptom of the sickling of blood stuck in the blood vessel; the pathway is blocked so it causes irritation then further pain. That being said painkillers are used to stop feeling the pain while the Sickled blood runs its lifespan.

That being the case there must be other means to help your body stop feeling the pain or to effect the pain area directly. We can only wait for more clinical trials and better studies for how to beat treat this pain and for now it is controlled drugs. There are Studies with Cannabinoid (CBD) oils engineered to help patients suffering with

More information on the studies referenced

Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patient

Further Reading: Research Study: Opioid crisis adds to pain of sickle cell patients

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SOTR — Sneakers (Sneaker Sunday) : A Cold Wall Nike — Air Force 1 and Vomero +5 SP

Spring of The Rookie, We go again

The a cold wall range is not heavily merchandisable in my eyes which is why I see the Nike’s as a fun experiment.

A cold wall is an ethos which means it lives through mediums rather than being a medium.

Taking in that I see the experiment with the classical cross society sneakers by Nike, and at the experimental feel.

Air Force 1

I see Air Force 1 as a test to see if you can make it art, it’s already a staple but can you make it a staple to a subset. The patent leather framework was broken down and reappropriated as a piece of work that’s is used to sell and resell as part of the sneaker stock market.

Usually Air Force 1’s are edited and curated but these are kept, much like the Yeezys and Off Whites making them dirty and changing them in anyway causes disruption to the price.

Or should it? Using the ACW* AF1 might very well be part of the score, having them used and recycled shared much like a house or the stone used to make it. Makes sense to me, but the deeper understanding of ACW* might not be part of the Zeitgeist or heartbeat of the subsection of the culture it speaks to.

Apart from that the play on texture on the back panel and the imprint of the swoosh is

Nike Vomero +5

From review sources I have been told they are very light and comfortable trainer. The block is very light and superficial

The OG Vomero SP are Just as a running shoe should be, The pattern harkens back to an age of sneakers pre dad shoe even. When sport was the goal. The true sport Trainer.

What Samuel Ross done for it was make the silhouette something distinguishable from the SP a not so subtle thing that adds and says look at me a quite ornate thing to do in design especially when the AF1 was a take away process, take away the laces, take away from the texture. I see it as a detail of interior 90’s design when they would paint the wall add a roughcast texture to a wall for no reason. To be frank I enjoy the meme where someone charges their phone with the Vomero or is it the Puma?

When you look at the detailing I see about 3 or 4 subtle colour notes on the black 3 different blacks 2 greys and 5 different types of polymers. In the white the same but white the red is more mute in it than the SP more like a burgundy

I like Samuel Ross approach to *life. He’s built up a community of his own and does things for an ethos of a cross section of people that doesn’t speak to race but ethics and politics

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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