A YEAR IN: Adidas’ 2019

Adidas has a super hot Year. It was very easy for the fact they had yeezy, between them and the Archive wars that waged all over this year, Adidas rightly behaved like the behemoth it is bringing to the buyers a different flavour especially with the street basketball which were a fan favourite.

They explored all over their terrain marking territory from the Nite Joggers to the classic boosts the not so heavy hitter deerupts, Gazelles, powerphase and 4D. There was no sleep in the Adidas office as much as Yeezy is their biggest heavyweight they are fighting just as much displaying their prowess with technology and knowing when to take it back to the retro, I can’t wait for the time when they merge twist and make some chimera sneakers in this industrial phase we’re in next decade.

It all starts with the trainers and Adidas are well in the consumers mind when building an outfit or creating a statement piece. They have something for everyone, nothing has looked down this year for Adidas

I was moved by their performance this year as years before it looked like Yeezy WAS Adidas they wholly showed that Adidas IS ADIDAS. And that’s that, on that.

It wasn’t very much about celebrity endorsements super star athletes or their acquisitions it was really about all they have in terms of variety and pick and mix, from statement looks like the 4D futurecrafts to fam favourite Ozweegos without the Raf Simons vibes. Adidas can do it themselves and been doing it themselves they tested the waters with some great designers and the collaborations all work, this is business as usual 9-6 working man, in the shop, R&D, serving us what we need.

I can’t stress my biding time for the 20’s where they mix the old looks with the new shapes and perform with the best intentions. Adidas truly don’t need any one to work with them, they’ve been at this diligently for 30 years coming with fiece technology and complex statement shapes, and in this Industrial Age they have the time to create whatever they see fit because the archive goes that deep.

written 2019

A YEAR IN: Nike’s 2019

Nike showed their feet how this year and done what they didn’t decide to do any other years import all the technology into their trainers they never had before with the Barefoot image of the Freeruns; to creating 720 air cushion with the highest lift and bringing back Zoom, Reacts, 270’s Waffles and a host of beautiful pieces.

Nike has a if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it approach been pretty much the same things as the last couple years, with one small twist they have had a concerted effort to add technology. This includes Gore-Tex and continuing that relationship along with other good tech brands such as Vibram and ISPA, I don’t know if acquisitions will come into play but they are coming at the heels of Adidas at the turn of the decade.

Big Sportswear releases in the Kyrie YEEZY Nike ID structure, I’m quite new to this but Nike has been doing this for years in the face of Yeezy adding stock to the brand by keeping up the Colour ways in the face of the Solar Red, Red October’s Platinum and Purple Cheetahs all classic Grailed sneaker head hype pieces that draw in the consumer all the time.

Something I love that Nike has been doing is the Sacai LDV waffle and off kilter Off White collabs in the Jordan 6’s and Waffle Racers. They get big love from me, they have been rereleasing some popular Jordan silhouettes lowering the stock on the Resell market which is okay. This also includes doing some really cool things with some not so Hype Pairs of Kicks, where the new sneaker consumer is being introduced to old silhouettes for the first time Nike is revamping everything they’ve been about which is culture.

There has been so many collabs it will be hard to talk about them all but I am not really here to list them out either but honourable mentions to the Anthracite, CPFM Undercover Heron Preston and CLOT hella hot work that needed to be mentioned.

Nike has flooded the market as the biggest Trainer supplier should but there is a part of me that wonders what that does to them and does it make Nike fast fashion, I don’t expect them to work like a boutique but I also don’t see the massive idea in flooding the market with celebs artists designer and old vintage pairs.

This does show their archive goes deeper than you ever imagined but the same way their highest sellers will always be Jordan’s and Air Forces and Air Max. The limited releases are only for Sneaker heads

Written 12/12/19

A YEAR IN: Jordan’s 2019

We have entered a year where Jordan are back into the cool runnings.It was quiet for Jordan till Virgil came and shook the game up with his Off White Jordan 1s this gave Jordan the much needed boost in 2018 to do some more ground work and really build themselves back up to a respectable competitive level with the Yeezy Brand.

When we entered 2019 there wasn’t necessarily any hype for Jordan till travis came and became the Jordan ambassador, suddenly and questionably, he had to have friends and sneaker enthusiasts back his collar to get these reverse swoosh hyped enough to really get all the Jordan heads going [so much marketing was put behind the Cactus Jack 1s they deserve their own blog] and so they did the resell was such a dream they had to come back again with the 4s which is my favoured of the two.

The Cactus Jack collaboration came at such a high point Jordan Brand was able to ride the wave for the rest of the year with their lesser known collars and archive pieces like the SBB Infrared concords UNC x Chicago, plus some of my personal faves the Patta’s and Hyper crimson, Virgil 5s etc.

Riding the wave of hyped & archives Jordan scrapes by on the scoreboard