A Thought: The Effective Idiot

Hi I’m a 20SMTHNG and I do not understand social cues. What is normal or right to say doesn’t pop up in my mind as something that is acceptable. What is abstract in understanding neither pops up in my head as unacceptable. My gague of what is “proper” much like my understanding of tone is when noises leave my noise box is non existent.

There has not been one time on this planet where I have sensored myself to the point where I would check myself on what I say. The only thing that has changed is my tact in saying such a thing, especially when it is important for that person to learn. For all intensive purposes ‘I’m blunt as Fuck’. To be blunt about it. Ask any person I have spoke to personally and they’d tell you the same.

It is not even that I am rude or insensitive or even trying to be mean but my thought for feeling of others may hurt them more than it will hurt me. Furthermore my tone in everyday life is more and more like brainiac than I’d like. Characters like brainiac & David from Prometheus & Grandpa Rick are who I relate to, imagine.  Yes in all my principaled actions my personality gets in the way of all such things. As you can see I’m quite aware of this because my tactile thinking and interpretation of this quirk I have managed to get myself out of a few sticky situations and kept stoom. Reasons for being a lone wolf. Reasons for being so influential. Reason for being a critical thinker. Is because of this one thing.

Now the reason I state this is because in a creative pursuit you’re gonna have to have that individual to be like ‘nah‘ that doesn’t work or maybe this isn’t the right move or more controversially I don’t like this thing everyone likes or I see the beauty in this things faults. As we all know we live in a ‘micro-influencer‘ age where even I have many friends and aquatintances all think the same and follow the trends set out by generational/cultural- influencers Charlamange the God, Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell & Kanye West as far as the hip hop and fashion cultures go as well as many more from many different fields. But when they specifically have something to say about something people listen, so rightly so as the cultural icons they are. 

Here’s the thing though, I don’t have an ear for that or them. Nothing pulls me more than my absolute opinion on something regardless of anybody else’s critical acclaim. My thoughts are let’s test their mettle with my own and see what we get. I get the ‘you’re a dick’ line I’m only given by the most brazen of people and it’s hard to respect when you have no clout with me. But I do get it.

I would love to be normal and follow trends,  but surely it goes against my honest taste as a human being, I don’t know whether I wrote this to test out a style of writing or to get someone to understand but it truly is fun to even read back


We go again,

What I want to talk about isn’t a new thing, it’s not an astounding thing, it’s just something that exists. And exist in many forms. The micro-influencer is a cultural icon and must be applauded for their placement and strategic influence in the social space. Whatever you like on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, or reblog on Tumblr it is because a micro-influencer allowed you to see it.

Just like one of my favourite orators, Pulitzer Prize-winning Will Durant, this is a shameless worship of heroes, a light on these social heroes that stand high above the rest with their newsworthy exploits, like how they are literally exploited by “True Media” & “Real News”. Such big media outlets are not fast enough to actually pick up on such stories as these men women and trans people.

In a space where there is cultural relevance, there is a micro-influencer in the wing to cross the ball into the box for these misguided behemoths. All trends were made and given to the youth by the youth, when you’re of the old guard respect and play your position and listen to what the youth tell you.

The youth create, good or bad in your opinion it is a fact it was the cause of the old guard it is that way. You see descent and decay it was the cause of the old guard. Greatness and Potential, the old guard. The micro-influencer sheds light on them all, and when you have a cluster of them together the effect is Virality. It is a simple fact that a few or more “Mavens” (in the words of Malcolm Gladwell) have the potential to create phenomenon so much so quality is only a matter of taste.

For what it’s worth I find it all beautiful as a 20SMTHNG, the potential of my generation’s ability to connect across continents. Simply astounding and can’t wait to see where it goes. As long as the people’s media lives so do the micro-influencer.

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Back to School

I have decided that I will be going back to uni to finish off my BA and earn a useless degree 2018 is the year I could easily set up a 2017 start and might do. However, in understanding, myself and how taxing the year back is going to be I’m going to have to build a fortitude to the fuckery. As well as the fact I would like a fully packed portfolio of work that I have delivered from the experience I gathered in the three years out of university I need to gather funds, From multiple sources wherever they may be they need to come in hoards.

As someone who will be going as a mature student in the hopes of finishing early, I have to bolster my platform to the standard of a professional. Hoping my quality will shine over these young whipper snappers that will be young hungry and after my neck in terms of wanting to prove themselves. Being that guy is key if not it just makes my stay a little bit more taxing. Sorry to be weird but I’m going to be that old guy in class that should have finished years ago. Well, it is not weird, it’s the darn truth but God help me if I don’t punch these guys in the mouth with my technical ability.

Finishing the projects I have set for myself is key! As an art student most would not understand that pressure till you’re in the thick of it. but doing professional standard projects from start to completion is a hard thing to do for those that haven’t been involved in a high-pressure setting.

This is where I say my blog will be dedicated to showing off the arts in all forms. The subject matter along with my ability to articulate is something I will like to have grown hand in hand. Just to keep everything blessed and not lose anything I’ve got. I hope you wish me luck in my endeavor to get more involved with my people and pray for someone who never prays for themselves.


Until the next blog, this has been

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