The punks of the 20’s Y2K and Opium

There was also Pink Floyd and Rage Against The Machine who spoke to this audience in the 80’s. That is the colour and texture of the time, 90’s in Cali, Viper Room, post punk that was the atmosphere.


Periodic Social Audio rooms based on fashion news. 

voices_in_fashion creates fashion conversations for the open-minded, with the intent to deliver the most value possible.

ViF rooms like to break down the industries usually dense barrier made to keep people out and bring through voices that wouldn’t otherwise get a say. 

Everyone is knowledgeable in something from the team to the audience and we like to hear people talk on what they know most, at any learner/experience level.

From Student to Industry veteran there’s always something to offer.

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Fashionably Late is the Growing Arm of Voices in Fashion hosted by NYTypical to accommodate for further connection in physical locations, to see art, meet people and network with people that do what you love 

The effect of my curation and vetting process of people to weed out snobbery and elitism by being one of the foremost Fashion Conversationalists

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