Lessons from Melancholy Maelstrom: A Diary of Silver Linings

Bless up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again

Spent the past 4 years learning and had my health and career on the line to take this first step and start my professional life this way.

My first book Melancholy Maelstrom: A Diary of Silver Linings

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My life has been innately negative From the start and it hasn’t stopped the thing I was blessed with was skill to convey message and execute it thoroughly .

A life of a genius’ pain. I don’t live one without the other

My skill helps me stand tall in the face of all adversity pain and trauma, endlessly bittersweet and always a lesson learned. My life as a case study for those that go through it all in life and are unable to field the lessons or see past their trauma to use mine as a guide

The good from my life comes from the greatness of my skill and those that recognise it. My trauma was born with me my pain perpetuated it I having the skill to still work while it exists is no mere feat. Although I don’t ask for applause I ask for us all to do better

i want no company in misery I want the world to love and life for the greatness and betterment of all humanity. My heart pains for all people in terrible situations and I use that pain to paint the canvas in hopes to give somewhat of a reflection in order to heighten minds for a better tomorrow.

My finger is long wrought but I know this is the right way to go. This type of education, learning through art is a vision of mine. Not many are here for it but I hope to create great works that stand the test of time so whenever a group is downtrodden they can look to my words for guidance

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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A Note on Sickle Cell: The Addict Stigma & Opioid Crisis ‘We are in pain not addicts’

We go again,

While in pain the fastest course of action is Painkillers from Paracetamol to stop a fever and Ibropofen to quell inflammation all the way to Opioids to numb the whole body completely from the real excruciating pain of a crisis.

With such pain it is very important it gets dealt with in haste, however Sickle Cell patients have to deal with being thought of as an addict as they have to use high caliber of drug to deal with insufferable pain. Most of these medications are not available to the general public, as a Sickle Crisis sufferer you are taught from young to stay informed and be vigilant about your medical condition so having such information can be seen as a catch 22, that being said should it really be at the cost of the sufferers?

This particular blog addresses the stigma which tells doctors that Sickle Cell patients are PainKiller addicts on top of not believing black pain as detailed in a portion of humanity — (please check out the blog as they relate heavily) they believe that Sickle Cell patients present as Opioid addicts — this causes some of the patients to have longer wait times and to be tested to ensure to the Doctor in question this patient has Sickle Cell.

These prior exams have a negative effect on patients, further research shows there is no president for Sickle Cell patients ever being addicts. A study shows patients are less likely to get addicted to painkillers due to the natural nature of the pain. All the while America is in the middle of an “Opioid Crisis” and more and more people being hooked on prescription pills like Percocet’s Oxy and Codeine all of which are exactly the pills used to handle chronic pain making it really bad new for Sickle Cell patients who have been lumped in with abusers.

A great deal of Sickle Cell patients as well as I, dislike having to rely on taking certain pain medication more often than not those sufferers who decide to hold off taking pain medication until the last moments. Pain Killers do not cure anything on the part of the patients there relieves the pressure of pain; some situations end up like my anecdotal evidence in Living Through a Crisis.

I have been looked at as an addict more times than I have actually been treated for my pain; prior to ever getting proper attention to my medical emergency, this irks especially when there is no basis scientific or factual basis of this more often than not its a ‘pseudo-analysis based on what presents as signs of addiction…’ I want to changed that.

I do believe though that opioids do not need to be the only solution, Sickle Cell Pain  is a symptom of the sickling of blood stuck in the blood vessel; the pathway is blocked so it causes irritation then further pain. That being said painkillers are used to stop feeling the pain while the Sickled blood runs its lifespan.

That being the case there must be other means to help your body stop feeling the pain or to effect the pain area directly. We can only wait for more clinical trials and better studies for how to beat treat this pain and for now it is controlled drugs. There are Studies with Cannabinoid (CBD) oils engineered to help patients suffering with

More information on the studies referenced

Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patient

Further Reading: Research Study: Opioid crisis adds to pain of sickle cell patients

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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A Note On Sickle Cell: What Helped me Help Myself — A dose of optimism

We go for great,

I used to live my life reactionary to what people thought of my medical condition. I was used to it, so I disengaged early, I wanted to be a normal kid. I did grow curious, some part of me grew to seriously ask myself questions — wanting to understand if what people thought of me through the lens of my condition was the me I actually am — the look of like I’m suddenly part of a lower subset of human; the look of as if I live like a man on death row; the look of a decrepit helpless man. This is the look I find in their eyes.

All those looks were not controlled by me, it would have some very negative effects this fuelled me wanting to find the truth so I did my first ever “Google’s”. My first mistake, (never try find true documentation with the highest google answer). This would play on my mind for a while till I took a real look at what the findings were, I didn’t just search up on Wikipedia or the NHS website I would start to read medical journals and see how it is defined. My findings concluded, its not a death sentence.

(Even further I have come up with hypothesis on how to treat it; that is for another blog. )

How I saw myself looking after my body was different. I didn’t automatically start treating it like a temple. What I knew though is with strong bones, a strong body and cardio vascular system your quality of life will have levelled & or better than the next guy because sickle cell puts you in the position to have to live to a higher standard of nutrition as a basic prerequisite.

With all the people I have seen with the condition (numbering in the hundreds) those with less complaints eat a balanced diet go to the gym to move weights and don’t make reckless decisions, those with the best life have THE BEST LIFESTYLE. I want to stress it does not absolve crisis, it helps the pain tolerance to be higher because the body is generally in better shape and used to the stresses of those physical activities. So the friends that look ‘perfectly healthy’ will participate in sports activities and or socially drink and don’t “look like” they have sickle cell till they tell you look after themselves to a very high standard. Everyone though is healthy till they are not.

This means being an active participant in your health. I listen to my body and assess the situation, when I do that I have better control of my days. I’m not saying there aren’t days I can be gripped by pain, not at all. I know what’s best for me and what’s not so good for me when it comes to activity.

I feel great daily if I look after my body daily. This is something all of my brothers and sisters to know, I’m not the biggest guy but I started with the smallest weights and the shortest session but slowly year after year I gained more inner strength to compose myself and try out for my university Gymnastics team. Being very honest it was the best decision I made as an adult. Making sure within myself that this is my own body I own it, my identity is what I make of it, Sickle Cell is not me it exists while I’m alive but it will not condemn me to a life of fear and destitution.

If this makes sense pass it on, just like the death sentence disease idea that was probably passed on hand this piece of information over too, instead of looking at friends and family with desperate despair maybe this dose of optimism will do you all some good.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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Be Your Brothers Keeper, not a keeper from your Brothers Destiny

Love thy brother don’t lay with him. Leave that to the destiny God has laid out for him

What does that mean?

In the world I was bought up in many of us didn’t have father figures, there was rarely any in these spaces so we had to look after each other. We grew up on movies and shows like; Remember the Titans, 5brothers, Scarface, Godfather, The Sopranos, Naruto, One Piece, Prison Break. Shows of that ilk that displayed to you what a brother was supposed to be and how you should be. There were also messages in Gangs, Football and all team sports related shows that men work better as a family and a unit treat each other with respect and cover him. Be your brothers keeper, have my back I have your, lean on me. Messages of support and oneness bonds that can be.

(This is directed towards men because I am one but I’m sure it happens in all types of relationships)

These messages get skewed in hard times and when the relationship isn’t as strong as it once was. People will change and grow, the men that became your brothers start getting fear of loss and may start pulling you down out of a jaded sense of love because of how scary change is. Many men come from a really good place the crabs in the bucket mentality may develop and schemes may arise to hold each other back and down.

The point isn’t to destroy a great relationship but to build an adult relationship built on change and growth, the biggest deal right now is that when a relationship is built on youth and childish actions like clubbing, drinking, smoking keeping score and chasing skirt, it leaves out room to not grow that ground is marshland, yes you can build up one story maybe two or three, but when the idea is to grow exponentially it is not solid enough to reach any heights higher than humanly possible. In fact it will only be torn down by acts of nature. The money is missing, love gets involved, someone gets to their life goals quicker it will be hard for anyone to handle that.

The relationship has to be built on the greatest ground possible, you can start on the marsh, meet each other there, learn you’re equals then move from that land to a more solid fertile land built to last. Then you must engineer ideals both of you can rely on in all situations, if not there’s chances of failure. What does this look like:

  • understanding each other honestly
  • Create philosophies you can agree on
  • Know how you can treat women
  • What is money to the both of you

There are simple idealistic thugs that are so pertinent to building an honest personal relationship because in reality, more times a man sees you with a girl and sees you drifting. Instead of thinking that room should be filled by his own Mrs he’s thinking that void can only be filled by you and now he becomes a source of toxicity to your relationship causing you to cheat or even making it seem okay to when your true happiness is being with your Mrs. There’s certain man that see you doing well creating equity in your business, or even you want to start a business and he wants to say you sure, you tell him you’ve been on it for years and you’re ready to bite the bullet now he becomes a source of doubt to your success, even you hit the belly on one of your clients then he’s looking at your businesses money as yours and his money and now you kill your business by spending your hard earned cash on nights out.

If you’re this type of friend stop. I’m speaking directly to the people that feel bad wen their friend is doing good without them. On the business front it’s hard to even structure your finances and other things but on a pure relationship basis if you feel your friend drifting and it’s not a terrible thing and he seems happier then it’s your job to be oxygen to that happiness because that drift can steer you to becoming a better person and direct you to your destiny because what is the point of you being cheeky to your friends business or girl when he’s never wanted that for you. You have to know yourself, there’s no need to read any books to know this but you know the emotion of when you feel down about others feeling good without you and it’s your job to snuff that out.

Everybody has their own time and yours will come the spotlight will be on you and in your time you will be the cause for celebration. So when it’s your friends turn you celebrate because you know yours will come and there is no time to be hating.


Your friend would do terrible without his success and if your relationship isn’t built on true emotion (then what’s the point) you may not know how hard and fragile he’s feeling on the inside and the type of light this woman or business brings him.


Fan that flame if your friend is trying to feel better about themselves and become a greater person let that beacon shine.


That sparing wind you feel between you two find something to hold you down use that extra time to explore your wants and needs and what will be your life’s purpose because lord knows you may also need one.

It’s important that you know your place and role in this world brotherhood is so important and if you know yourself it’s even more important to know when you’re being toxic and when you’re not. If your friend really loves this person or this work have a fiesta for him because when you’re up you’re also going to want and need it.

There’s enough people running against you and your clique and there can’t be infighting between brothers because of a disagreement or someone feels like their being outshined. Treat that shine as a light house in a storm to wake you up to the fact of life, you have to grow change and evolve because whether you realise it or not, you want to be better and different and new elements of life & change does that to men.

ARAH on Youtube: Streetwear, The Defiant Style

Newest video talking about streetwear and the culture of ignorance around it – so giving my thoughts feelings and points to why the streetwear people talk about is not the streetwear I live – this is a topic I love because I got to shed light on some really well-dressed people, this was a really fun video and can’t wait to make more

I’ve grown up with a world-renowned understanding of Streetwear and the Street Style aesthetic, that it didn’t fall under a particular designer’s philosophy or a prototypical aesthetic i.e. Punk Grunge Rocker Business Lux. In the Urban Environments people had to make do with style and their own personal creativity when it came to dressing, this was due to either the resources and any person’s creativity.

Due to those people that didn’t grow up in these environments streetwear has been procured by the dubbed hypebeast aesthetic. This bastardised what would be well known in the environment, as someone from this locale I would like to clear up/ add my two cents on something that I grew up with as a general understanding.

Enjoy the full video

A Note: To the Future me — A capsule for remembrance

After this recent podcast I’m going to stop bothering myself with the outcome of projects. I don’t even know if it’s my place to even care about my work and my subjective perfectionism because that is the most stressful part of the process wondering if what you wrote down will resonate.

I know what my stance is, there’s times where I pour my heart out on the floor six is my works in rhyme and reason and book Melancholy Maelstrom, and other times where I draw my works from the infinite substance and project it to the work. Neither my Performance of my Soul nor Production of The Ether ever asks me what I think.

I have a feeling much of what I do just needs to exists, after doing the best I do in the lab having my work available to the general public is a major point for its true existence. Bothering ourselves with the outcome can cause stagnation, there are many things out of our control but one thing in our control is its existence.

I write this in part as a Stamp in time and a capsule for remembrance where we work for the existence of experience of the senses and not the subjection of the people.

That being said, still. How people feel is none of my concern and how I feel is also none of my concern. Completion is the point for me and experience is the point of the work.

Resource can be a denominator of experience but it’s never a restriction of the worth of an idea or a prosecution of my identity. It’s a formula for acceleration of excelling’ and not a factor for excellence.

All in I do my best on all my works it’s an example for anyone involved. If you experience a sense, even entitlement to comment, it’s none of my business because it stops being my business as soon as the experience of its existence is had

Dec 23, 2019 7:34 PM