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We go again,

The internet has been going through growing pains, with the state of socials and how they can be used. The land grab is over, the consumer has grown up and 1 million followers has become a novelty, the users are asking again, what do you stand for and why should we buy from you?

Gone are the days where you could play us and dupe us into thinking you’re important because you have a million followers or we’d just buy from you because we can see you.

All these people who got followers from doing random things like pranks and then trying to convert that audience into a sales funnel is dead and disgusting trying to coax people into buying from you may have lasted short term when no one knew what they were doing but now social buying is a five year old they’re asking why and saying no. Twisting our heads up at you and asking why should we spend our money with you, The well is drying up and we’re all going to have to do proper legwork & the people are going to have to respect your business.

I appreciate this new way because there has been so many random collaborations that made no sense to me things like growth hacking, doing giveaways if people follow you & using trending topics to gain a following are all yucky ways to do stuff. How about act like an actual business, there’s a difference between popularity and real influence;A difference between sustainable and GRQ

I knew which one I wanted to be known for after spending a lot of time on periscope and snapchat I had to ask myself how much do I actually want this and what am I willing to do to get it and around that time in 2015 I gave myself real time to think about, who I wanted to be if I had to engage with socials? The answer was myself and I asked what did I want to do? The answer was myself I wanted to be and do myself I do me all day everyday whether that’s writing essays or a thesis of inquiry or a thought of the day.

I see followers and amount of likes not mattering as much. They do matter but if you’re a business you’re a business with a social account that serves real people and has products and services people need. No more of this ‘I see a gap in the market I want to market to black people because it’s early on in us working together and I want a quick buck.

You have to want to serve real customers and your business needs to have a message. I can smell those who want to take “advantage” or “see a gap in the market” they can exploit. Sell a t shirt once and be done with it. Or take money from people because you can get some impressions on Instagram and that doesn’t actually convert into anything for them

Be a real business, have a real plan create good products and experiences for people. I can’t tell you how many rubbish customer service experiences I’ve had these past years where businesses are just trying to grow fast and people have forgot what real human interaction is.

I want customer service back I want to call someone and not have a robot respond & I don’t want some ironic person on the other side of the line with a terrible mood — I have stopped being a patron to certain services and stores just because of their customer service — I am an early adopter of certain activities but I know people will stop being blind to the shenanigans and it will be all over for these “Entrepreneurs” who have never possessed and original idea nor have the ability to keep customers or really be honest about their vocation; the twenties are really going to expose everyone who was really built for this and teach those who aren’t better business practices; something I will be happy to see happen

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