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I’ve had thought. I deal so much with people who like to do things last minute and don’t have a grip on life, let it happen to them and wait till their backs against the wall. It’s a troubling ideal that, when you’re in trouble you go back to basics and scramble. But why wasn’t your fundamentals on your mind from the start?

This is what I want to talk on, there’s a plethora of troubling habits that go on but I want to start with the resolving of increasing your base to make it higher that when you first started.

A lot of people have this mentality and it’s easy to lose that way. Especially as a high performance person put yourself in an abnormal predicament when you live this way. You’re used to a speed and a pace of things that you do so with a blank slate you scramble and start from the bottom.

For the normal person you see this in it all comes down to habits they’re trying to procure. Trying to build a better life is hard, in doing so people slip and fall back into their old ways and never make it to the space of opening up the new doors.

For high performance people it’s a way to know you never reach that point, you see normal people do so but won’t ever do that but that does not mean what you’re doing is far removed.

My stance is you never forget them foundational lessons and you refresh constantly whenever it feels like a suitable time to. Practice in them everyday once it’s a habit just like building a muscle a memory is best served in use than remembered. Constant refreshers are a must.

At that point your base gets higher and higher and you remove yourself far from the use of old ways. Your lifestyle will have no room for detrimental habits and your personal philosophy will remove it to make room for this practice activating new neuropath-ways and suffocating the last sparks.

In action this looks like not just one saving account but many, not just one contingency but a few, not just one way to make money but a dynamic money tree of income, a calm mind in tough situations and a highly attuned method to success in situations.

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