Who Let The Borgs Out- My favourite Jacket this autumn winter season

Here it is,

What I really care about is these big body bomber Borgs. Literally my favourite thing to see this season, especially those made with quality cotton and woolthey are just so fuzzy and warm and create the ultimate comfort, I haven’t spilled anything on my borgs and don’t plan to, I hang them up in plastic wraps and am very cautious of what I have around me and will definitely be spending the dollars to go get them dry cleaned yes they mean that much to me I am prepared to spend real money to keep them looking new I want one in multiple colours to go with multiple outfits. To me they are the major coat for this season. Fashion week was quality and all but the style forward knew. I’m not here for the parkas or puffers right now – ‘Tis the season to own a Borg because they are beautiful that’s why.

To me these are High not Hype there will be a moment where the major fashion houses take it over and their stock with the people go up but for now let me enjoy this fashion forward moment

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not your typical (@nytypical)

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I document all the information I've gathered in my working and real life using reason and the written word to share with everyone how I ask an artist see the world. I research Plastics and Concrete and I'm educated in tech, design and art history. While having active practitioner experience in Advertising. I use that myriad of technical skills and display how they apply in the world and products we use starting with fashion.

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