It is with great pride and grace I am able to present to you all a video about one very key man in Fashion Cristóbal Balenciaga the creator of many techniques and Pentrant saint of Couturiers everywhere.

Many hours were spent making this video packing it in with my thoughts and all the relevant facts to them to display my second ever YouTube video for a captive audience.

Please watch my Presentation on Cristóbal and tell me what you think, as someone trying to share my love of fashion but also give it in the most digestible fun and educative way please accept my offering and tell me what you think and share with me what you learned from my video.

I create these videos to teach entertain but also solidify my love for this medium of art. Let me know who bought you into fashion and why? and who made it deeper than a logo? Cristóbal is that person for me who is it for you?

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