We go again,

Be comfortable in what you wear, also be creative. Some of us out here like to make statements, here are only three (something about three) things I’ve seen over the course of the year that could really want to find a way in your wardrobe and busy it up. Having you find 3 outfits that flow around it.

Something Trendy – PVC anything

Puffer jackets, trench coats – colour and translucent, military jackets, Long coats.

They’re really everywhere. PVC wants to be so in again and I’m gonna let it, it hasn’t had any blunders in my lifetime so fixing together the right fit around a cool piece shouldn’t be too much hassle for those who know what they’re doing – And thats all I want – know what kind of fit you’re fixing together, because it only takes one corny fit to cancel a whole Trend.

With this cancel culture it can happen in the most uncomfortable of ways. I’m not tryna throw out PVC in any regard because of nobody. I’m just saying.

Something Vintage – houndstooth

Like navy Stripes and Hatch’s before it. Houndstooth is very British and very appropriate in any setting get you a nice little jacket or skirt or jeans and that’s it.

Not over the top you’re in; You have arrived. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean any harm just a little houndstooth won’t hurt

Something New – 3M material. Fully reflective clothes

After the Martin Margiela Haute Couture show last season. Everyone who is anyone has been trying to find a way to work in in this 3M/Translucent colour changing fabric.

It’s totally cool and all it takes is one – Like all of these – rocking it correct can collect all the likes on IG this winter Because that what all these amount to, a couple likes from friends, it’s IG worthy and IG friendly. Best believe I’m here for it

Just don’t wear any of these all at once. Cos, why? Don’t stress over it, they’re little signature pieces that can make a winter more fashionable

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