We go again,

Honestly, I’ve not minced my love for creepers. They’re creepers. There’s nothing around that can make me feel not to like them; they’re clean and funky; you can dress them up and dress them down; have them over the top and the highlight or mute them in your dress.

They’re genuinely so versatile in my eyes but they’re are people that will slander them and think wtf so I’ve accepted that and call them the Pug of shoes. They’re mans, best friend.

That’s how much I care about y’all opinions I’ll take it in but I will still have my own cos WMYD and considering spring is coming up just like my Borg blog

Ugly – Stylish

It is ugly (maybe) but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the box stitching is magnificent to me, it can be the opposite colour and even opposite texture and bang differently

Because it’s considered to be on the ugly side it is allowed to break all the colour rules and you might as well buy the most outlandish pair there is, be pretty ugly

Underrated – fashion

Pairing the Creepers correctly isn’t a big deal black like my soul or big colours like a rainbow- that ain’t no problem, it ain’t a problem. You create what you want because the market is founded on being abnormal.

I really love the people who wear them – all punk principles apply, bust down or 9-5 cleaned up, your form is rated by me. So much so I even follow the Creeper hashtag on IG – my people are there – Grunge to the core with a creative aesthetic – I love the allure of all the fashionistas of mainland Europe.

Cute Comfort

Wearing them how you want to and how you feel comfortable bold face unadulterated Creative when it comes to these creps nothin makes sense because we go by our own rules, would sincerely wear these with a suit and wouldn’t think twice.

We really out

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