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When last we spoke about muses it was about the way they affect artist. Like an introduction to musery, some wouldn’t get it if you aren’t one with that level of creative energy but something everyone can get behind is music. And how these sound waves correlate to you acting in a certain way.

Music can bring forth emotion help you get over real things like break ups heartaches even anxiety and suicide.

Muses in this regard XXXTENTACION grabbed a generation with his potent sound once filled with angst mellowed out and saved souls from leaving this world although his leaving was tragic what he done for his fans was a showing of how music can move you to act.

There’s positives and negatives of that some people blame rap music for crime and have been doin so for 30 years I will never give into these thoughts what is there for me is when listening to the melodies of ladies who are really feeling something like Beyoncé on Lemonade Solange on A seat at the table Lauryn Hill on the Miseducation I as a man of art move in a way that’s like no other.

I learn when I listen to these women talk I understand what they’re feeling and never want to afflict that on someone else (which is a personal creed) not everyone listens to music lyrics that way. For me music is beyond entertainment and I rarely rock out to songs made for the club you will find me rocking out to Nights by Frank Ocean or Baby boy by Childish Gambino before a lot more other songs that are out there. That’s not me trying to be different that’s me knowing the difference in substance that artist try to manifest in the infinite space.

artist with the intention to do good by the audience like Kendrick and Chance hold more stock in my playlist than others because the amount of creativity it takes to produce high quality music that means something to the listener while having maximum replay value is incredibly high and is not without its drawbacks so I support those that make not only the effort but execute it.

I support because – since I was young – while I work – I listen to music – it aides in my creation process. With these people that preach substance I bring my substance to the surface and impress it on the page in either a poem or a drawing. Creating art is how I express myself in a way I wouldn’t rather. In a way hearing others be vulnerable enables me to be more vulnerable by proxy; if they can do it so can I mentality.

Music can help bring forth every feeling but when I say music I mean the vocals, lyrics, relevance, drums, chord progressions, breakdown, sequencing a game of all parts I can’t rock with it unless it’s put to the test on all angles, ever since I started listening to Black and White by Wretch 32 in school it was part of the way I listened. I didn’t have bests or favourites but everything can get rated on the system, since that time I’ve been creating my foundation of what a body of work can be; from the Legendary to the mediocre.

With that I apply it to myself. See with music I take myself to different heights there’s only so much you can do without breaking the boundaries of what is listenable but when you talk about visual creation you can create something that has never been seen before whether it will last is another question it’s the fact that question is able to be posed that it inspires. Remember what I said about muses the exchange is the important part because you have to be able to live with this person for a long time their presence does so many things to you now imagine this persons presence and skill equals you in every way and has made something with talent and execution that is still being used to this day — Stevie Wonder Songs In the Key of Life — a heavily sampled album and arguably one of the best bodies of work made by a modern artist. In so many ways it will live on and isn’t that so amazing ? Isn’t that so A Musing ? It’s A Muse Ting. Fully something that can fill you up so you can overflow the creativity, bringing you to your limits best engaging the you that’s beyond the emotions you know to the ones you don’t.

A muse on the same level of creativity as you can help you surpass your limits further than you knew before the scene was ready. Not saying I or anyone else should chase their Magnum Opus or a Classic. Your principles do that. Your creativity can manifest things beyond your time and consciousness of today by invoking the level of creativity that is left when you have done all you can do.

Sounds weird but I’ve been there, beyond the flow state the white water rapids beyond time dilation the empty space where new things can be made. The infinite. How you achieve that is up to you my life has been treacherous and tempestuous so the deep dark abyss is my friend and we explore beyond the beyond together.

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