A Note On Sickle Cell: What is a Crisis & What can come from it.

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I felt the need to write this blog because of the priority I put on hospitalisation and the need for urgent care that people who have Haemoglobin S ( Sickle Cell). I was recently in a hospital visiting a Sickle Cell patient and after  having to explain it to a lovely nurse who just wanted to learn I felt the enthusiasm to write this, sometimes people just lack the experience and knowledge to deal with what’s in front of them.

Thats perfectly okay, for those that want to learn this blog is for you. I recently explained how a crisis is experienced in Living Through A Crisis  think of this as a precursor and more clinical version of what happens in the body of someone with Haemoglobin S; this is a direct note to those who want to know and are willing to learn.

What is Sickle Cell

It’s best to start with what Sickle Cell is. Sickle Cell is a hereditary mutation in the Red Blood Cell, instead of Haemoglobin being malleable and spongy, they to form rods Increasing the viscosity.

Having a knock on effect onto how much oxygen a red blood cell can carry Landing in a sticky situation in the vessels, sickle shaped blood cells collect in a singular location making it much harder for oxygen to be carried throughout the body.

Usual areas of concern are the joints but these can happen anywhere at anytime as it is usually a mutated cell that can start the domino effect.

What Can Cause a Crisis

Whereas it can happen at anytime leaving many in shock of their own body no matter what they do pain can pop out of anywhere. In fact some of my worst crisis have come from the most casual situations.

Sickle Cell can still be exacerbated by

  • high energy exercise like cardio,
  • a loss of water,
  • any sort of infection like the cold –
  • virus of any kind

as you can probably tell there are a myriad of complications from having Haemoglobin S, many medical complications get co-opted on a grand scale causing the whole diagnosis  convoluted. There is no way to measure when a crisis will hit, right now but with technology at the stage it is now there are a couple ideas I see that can cross the Threshold into sickle cell patient care.

What we know for sure is that Haemoglobin S in red blood cells transform to create sickled shaped cells blocking veins cause high levels of pain in joints and through muscles.

I find myself asking many more questions the literature isn’t as dense as it seem and these blogs are the best of the best pieces of information, just as how information breaks down the stigmas – I see medication and technology bridging the gap to better care; and till then this is what we have to go by.

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