We go again,

I’m really conscious and that makes me annoyed by certain things that aren’t conscious something I have to deal with. This is my therapy though, to write about things in hopes it becomes a learning experience for my peers and mentees

This is not the same for my contemporaries, some of my peers are the most educated (by schools) in their family so they have an arrogance about themselves that they align with what they think their position in my community should be.

Me being the man that I am take it seriously when people are educated and I’m proud of my brothers sister and others for making it out.

The Folly

A folly I’ve seen is they believe their “expertise” or subtle learnedness or position in a company or rank of their university is equal to status and thinking that we must listen to them. No. This is the downfall of so many educated people, the entitlement of the people just like those with wealth feel like they’re entitled to the people eat because they made some money.

The folly of my folk who believe that one degree can define their status or allow them access to conversations that don’t concern them they have no information on or only have a surface level interaction with the subject. It’s okay to say you know nothing.

The folly of the newly educated generation is to want to seem like they need to answer for everything or have the answers for subjects that their brain does not compute or relate to. It breeds pedantic behaviour, we don’t need that it’s okay to say you don’t know something.

Fear of the unknown

That’s what people are afraid of to say you are unaware when you are one of the few with a degree. A degree means you learned how to pick up specialised knowledge through a system, you can repeat that but if you haven’t took the time to relearn your specific input on that subject is unnecessary.

It makes me uncomfortable to call out my learned peers on being unlearned when that’s what they pride themselves in. It’s a must though because misinformation is a scary ethic that was used against us to make us think we were lesser so in this Renaissance we must leave it behind if we are to have a better future.

Editors Note

In life there are checks and balances that need to be taken into account when disseminating certain information. The ramifications can be dire for sharing information that’s false or malicious or besmirching so one (like me) takes steps to ensure my opinion is posed as opinion, I am fallible and my statements of facts are just that facts.

Empirical evidence I share is separate to my opinions and philosophy the two can be exclusive but they may also be mixed and I make a conscious effort to align my philosophy to evidence. Which means I do research heavily on topics and edit myself where I can and input facts where the details are needed

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