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I have made it my mission to add more to my wardrobe in 2018 from colour to high fashion to silhouettes and accessories. One of the things I vowed to leave behind is the pallet of my old clothes a lot of powders pastels and denims. REAL Denim is a hard and heavy fabric that can take much wear tear without damage very versatile and one of the better inventions of the 20th century. I love it.

How I need it to be in 2019 is ALIVE, following the trend of the cut and paste fashion made hype by off-white and its other brand counterparts. To be in a place wear it is individualised and stands out on its own as one of the top most versatile fabrics in the industry given emotion and a story to it an added texture and layer aside from the acid of stone wash – even more than the rips. I want it (whether it’s £20 or £200) to have its own character, there are very few denim gawds out there that stretch the uses of the fabric and are motivated by its versatility. But I am.

Stripes & Strips

this one is fairly simple most can do it for themselves and it really adds a different element to your denim.


Paint splatter is something I was dwelling over during summer. Whether it adds quality. Still not sure but there is a certain texture that comes with painted / stencil denim jackets or jeans.

I accept those into the fold of my wardrobe and want them in the most inconspicuous and creative ways. Ways that haven’t been thought of before, like windows. Hint hint.


Embroidery has been going on since the beginning and it’s a classic way to enhance the look of a denim pant leg it’s been quite over done but much like the paint let’s see it in a way that hasn’t been done – super creative and enhances everything that we’re looking at.

I’m the type that’s impressed when a true artist works because they really create and influence design, seeing someone add embroidery to a garment and not have it look like the typical things we find in the ether I’d be so happy


Denim that is constructedWith strong cotton fibre tightly woven together to give a real sometimes rugged and sometimes smooth feel. The emphasis on distressed denim from 2019 is because I find a plain pair of jeans would be lacking character but when it’s stretched ripped and torn you add to the story the denim tells.

You can really do this with your plain pairs to be perfectly honest and rejuvenate them for a styling 2019. And the thing about it is there’s no wrong way to wear in denim so however you distress your jeans would be more than okay.


Destroyed denim is a trademark of Grunge and japanese denim brand Undercover some grailed pieces I want so badly come from Undercover and stem a lot from my grunge influences of the early 2000’s and then again now where people like Undercover and Kapital.

Best believe there is a very dark spring look with creepers and destroyed denim. The Frankenstein look of the layering of fabrics and out of place pattern work is what attracts me so much to what destroyed denim offers in texture, character, story, individualism and style. I am more than happy to pay a bill of two for a great Japanese pair or make my own all together


this is the idealist denim the one made by the person who is so cultured in pattern work tailering that they can bring together looks reverse engineer them and reconstruct them with a great fit and smooth finish. I respect such highly developed modelling skills and would by for the construction if not anything else.


This along with destroyed and distressed would be the most successful type with the grunge types, edgy types and fashion forward patchwork denim putting different colours in odd places covering holes creating different textures and adding layers brings a very different creative element and the potential of every pair having its own unique flair.

Patchwork is deeply ingrained in the edit culture and is what most style conscious people go to first as it’s incredibly hard to ruin a good pair of jeans considering the quality of denim the more it’s worn the better it looks and the more explorative the designs are the higher the chance of creating something just for you. And in this hype culture 1 of 1’s are a big turn on

These are truly just my opinion on my preferred denim styles and what I believe in the trend is heading in. I have faith in the levelling up of my circle and the influence of the people I mess with they are really creating looks faster now and adapting better to new trends. Full quality and high level of execution of everyone involved, yet to be let down by the creativity thus far. Remember wear what you want.

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